Every Child is Special.


As parents, you play an important role to discover the unique talent that your children possess and bring these talents to skyrocket. At Skoolopedia, we are here to help you, find the most suitable learning centers, pre-school and enrichment centers for your talented kids.

Our Mission

Transform the way parents discover and identify education centres that suit their children’s talents.

Our Vision

To be the leading trusted portal on children’s personal development centres for parents in Asia.

What is Skoolopedia


Skoolopedia is a one-stop information portal for parents on all things education-related.

A comprehensive listing of privately owned schools (such as pre-schools, tuition and enrichment centres) as well as information on their promotions, event updates, open house schedules, etc.

On top of acting as an up-to-date and comprehensive directory of private schools, Skoolopedia encourages user-generated contents – parents and teachers will be able to post testimonials, reviews, pictures, and more on each centre’s listing via their personal Facebook accounts.

Think TripAdvisor or HungryGoWhere, but for education centres!

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