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No. 23 Serangoon Central #04-77 nex (above Serangoon MRT) Singapore 556083


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Since 2000, CS Montessori has taken pride in providing quality Montessori Playgroup, Nursery/Kindergarten/Preschool and various Enrichment programs for children who are 18 months old to primary school age through its various strategic outlets in Singapore. Our focus in providing high quality and effective curriculum and delivery tailored to each individual child has resulted in significantly visible outcome for children who have gone through our programs. Our preschool is renowned for our much higher standard of English, Math and Mandarin. Bilingual proficiency of our students is also a key hallmark. For a typically developing student who has joined us for 3-4 years, when he/she graduates from our K2 class, his/her core competency areas in English, Chinese and Math will be easily equivalent to P2 to P3. Therefore, for parents who are looking for a preschool that will prepare your child well before entering our local primary school education system, CS Montessori is your answer!


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