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Singapore’s Singapore’s Best Playgroup

Give your children the best possible start in life and set them up for academic achievement later down the track by enrolling them at Kingston House. Out playgroup is dedicated to helping foster a lifelong passion for learning, in the children we teach by encouraging them to engage with the world in an inquisitive, creative manner.

Our lessons are based on a well-researched curriculum that reflects the latest academic understanding of early childhood development and education. We’re known as one of the best playgroups in Singapore for children aged between six months and six years. By creating a positive, nurturing atmosphere and educating through meaningful activities we strive to provide children with a strong base from which they can continue to build off to develop both intellectually and personally throughout their schooling years. We offer both bilingual and trilingual lessons for all ages in English, Japanese, and Mandarin as it has been repeatedly proven that young children’s cognitive development is greatly boosted by learning another language. We are distinguished amongst other learning centres in Singapore for our focus on teaching in multiple languages and indeed we are often referred to as the best Mandarin and Japanese playgroup in the city.


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