How We Help Prepare Your Child for The Future:

Your child will have the full attention of two early childhood specialist teachers, focusing on English and Mandarin respectively, to help them along their journey towards becoming an effective bilingual communicator.

They will embark on an Individualised Reading Programme that helps them develop a love of reading and writing, preparing them for Primary school and beyond.

They will be given a wide exposure of enrichment lessons from Arts and Design, Culinary Arts, to Sports and Music to ensure that they excel beyond just academics.


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Because having one teacher simply isn’t enough…

We choose to give your child the best immersion bilingual learning experience by having two early childhood specialist teachers attend to your child throughout the entire day.

Helping your child grow in a bilingual immersion environment,
5 days a week.*

*Applicable for full day programmes only. Duration for all other programmes varies, but every class will be taught by two teachers.

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Well-designed classroom layout and child-safe facilities at our preschools

Loved and Recommended by Parents

  • LWPS has helped my children have a strong fundamental in languages especially Mandarin. We come from a non-Chinese speaking family and now my son uses the language well. Having English and mandarin speaking teachers at the same time in the classroom everyday makes learning the languages very effective.

    Mrs. Sharmini Kim, Lorna Whiston parent
    of Divyesh, 5 years and Preethi, 3 years

  • Now my son is already in N2 and I can see his teachers are all passionate about teaching the children in their best efforts. Not only is he being recognised by his class teachers, all the teachers seem to have a good relationship with all the children across all levels. Their bilingual support in each classroom is very strong. I find that my son’s command of Chinese surpasses his age and I see no requirement for enrichment classes outside school. I have full confidence in Lorna Whiston’s teaching methods to prepare my children for Primary School.

    May, mother of a N2 child

Open House Location

  Lorna Whiston Preschool
9 Winchester Road, Singapore 117783
  +65 6272 8826
  Happening on:
Saturday, 21 January, 2017, 10am to 2pm

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What you will get

  • Waiver of registration fees (worth $321)
  • A complete set of uniform (worth up to $96.30)