Get FIRST MONTH FEE WAIVER + PE Attire (Worth $1340.00)
Upon Signing Up

Why Us

Curiosity goes a long way in nurturing your child’s creativity and love for learning.

At Our Children’s House, that’s exactly what we do — our teachers do their best to make your child feel safe to explore their surroundings in their own terms, which cultivates their curiosity.

We Are Mums Too

As parents ourselves, we have always wanted the best for our child — safe outdoor play areas, fresh air, creative learning and play based learning.

And we are all about that at Our Children’s House!

We Would Like To Meet You

Come join us for a morning of learning and fun activities with your child!

There will be a Book Reading Session and Paper Pizza Making Activity which have both fun and learning elements.  Your child will learn how to identify animals, colours and shapes. It also encourages eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, cooperation and friendships!

11am – 11.30am : Book Reading Session|10am – 1pm : Paper Pizza Craft

Get First Month Fee Waiver + PE attire
(WORTH $1340.00) Upon Sign Up!

24 OCTOBER 2015, Saturday, 10.00am – 1.00pm