Parents can look forward to more affordable and better quality child care options in 2016, with the appointment of 23 Partner Operators by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). The new Partner Operator scheme supports mid-sized and smaller child care operators in keeping fees affordable and improving quality of their programmes.

The new scheme will complement the existing Anchor Operator (AOP) scheme, where anchor operators are given grants by the authorities to lower their operating costs.

Note: If you are looking for options apart from POP Partner Operators, we have put together a general preschool infographic guide for you to understand more about preschools in Singapore.


  • 23 pre-school partner operators (as of October 2015) (Source: ECDA)
  • Childcare Centres appointed for a 5-year term, starting January 1st 2016 (Source: ECDA)
  • These operators run 169 childcare centres, which offer 16,500 places in total (Source: ECDA)
Partner Operator Programme


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