Tired of calling school by school to check for vacancies?
Why not get your ideal preschools to contact you instead? You can stay informed of school vacancies, as well as special offers and promotions.


View the Schools around your chosen area

Key in your Postal Code or Street Name to Search for your Nearby Preschools on Skoolopedia’s preschool search engine.


Choose Preschool(s) to Visit

Choose Your Ideal Preschool(s) by clicking beside the Schools’ names and Click on “Request a Visit”


Enter Contact and Particulars

Enter contact and particulars to allow Schools to contact you.

What Happens Next?

Your contact and particulars will be sent to your chosen Schools. Participating Schools will contact you to arrange a School Visit as well as inform you of school vacancies and current promotions. The response time may vary from Preschool to Preschool.