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History & Background

Since 2002, CS Montessori has taken pride in providing quality Montessori Playgroup, Nursery/Kindergarten/Preschool and various Enrichment programs for children who are 18 months old to primary school age through its various strategic outlets in Singapore. Our focus in providing high quality and effective curriculum and delivery tailored to each individual child has resulted in significantly visible outcome for children who have gone through our programs. Our preschool is renowned for our much higher standard of English, Math and Mandarin. Bilingual proficiency of our students is also a key hallmark. For a typically developing student who has joined us for 3-4 years, when he/she graduates from our K2 class, his/her core competency areas in English, Chinese and Math will be easily equivalent to P2 to P3. Therefore, for parents who are looking for a preschool that will prepare your child well before entering our local primary school education system, CS Montessori is your answer!

CS Montessori is known for our children’s excellent academic performance. Beyond academics, our holistic approach is very effective in helping a child to become highly independent, self-confident, responsible and disciplined, well balanced with social graces, and yet very knowledgeable with mastery of literacy skills that are ahead of typical preschools. This is evident from that fact that a high percentage of our students come from personal referrals and it is also well backed up by the track records of our annual student survey from students who have graduated from us and completed their P1. The latter consistently showed that 70%-80% of our graduates scored Band 1 in academic performance and easily 50% of them were given leadership responsibilities. All our students adapted and integrated well into the structured formal primary schooling and their behavior were described as ‘excellent’!

We even had the honour of Mediacorp TV featuring our centre in their production of a few programs with media artists such as Zoe Tay, Wang Bin Ren, Mark Lee and Guo Mei Mei, as well as the most recently featured Desmond Koh.

Education Philosophy

At CS Montessori we specialize in providing high quality Montessori Method of learning for children, as well as workshops for parents and adults. We also believe in adopting and adapting other non-Montessori elements that are appropriate to complement the total child development

from time to time. We believe that building a strong and intimate partnership between parents and our Centre is critical to achieving the best outcome of a child’s development. For that to take place, management transparency with parents is pivotal. This is because a child’s development is optimal only when parents/guardians have good understanding of the appropriate children’s learning approach and reinforces it at home. To nurture and maximise a child’s development, we need to do so by teaching the child to do it himself, learn through exploration/experimentation and respect his environment, peers and teachers.

Therefore, to deliver quality and achieve maximum development of a child, we must provide:

* ENVIRONMENT that is Purposefully Prepared

* PROGRAM that is Age-Appropriate, Effective, Holistic and well-Proven with measurable quality outcome

* TEACHERS who are Qualified, Trained, Dedicated and Passionate

* TRANSPARENCY IN COMMUNICATION that promote mutual Trust and Understanding, and build intimate Partnership with Parents.
Education Philosophy: CS Montessori specialises in offering high quality education to preschool children. By adopting and adapting "the Montessori Method" of education as our primary pedagogy and philosophy, we focus on an individualised learning approach in terms of pace, interest, and ability, that will effectively develop them holistically and build strong foundational skills for formal schooling within a positive and fun learning environment.
Enrichment Programme: Enrichment options are available on Saturdays, please contact for timings!

Special Enrichment Programmes

*Chinese Parent-Child Programme (ages 14 - 30 months)
*Junior Phonics (ages 2.5 - 3 years)
*Phonics and Reading (ages 4-6 years)
*Montessori Maths (ages 4-6 years)
*Move with Chinese (from ages 4 years onwards)

Holiday Programmes offered every June and December!

Latest Happenings

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