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English Tuition School Landscape in Singapore

Many parents in Singapore believe it is essential to hire an English tutor or send their child to English tuition for enrichment.

Being confident in English can give children an early advantage at school, helping them make the most of the education and career opportunities that lie ahead. Key to this is cultivating, in a child’s early years, a love for the language.

There are about 300 English tuition centres and enrichment centres registered with the Education Ministry in Singapore.

How do you pick an English tuition class that will make your son or daughter fluent in English?

How do I know an English tuition class is right for my child?

This article will give you an overview on the state of the English Tuition Centres and enrichment classes in Singapore.

Note: If you are looking for additional enrichment classes apart from music lessons, we have put together a general enrichment classes infographic guide for you at Guide to Enrichment Classes and Tuition Centres in Singapore.

Key Statistics For English School In Singapore

The English Tuition Statistics 2017 provides an overview on the state of the English Tuition Centres and enrichment classes in Singapore.

  • There are 294 English Tuition Centres in Singapore, operated by 32 English Enrichment brands.
  • Average Per month (4 lessons) Tuition Fees for English lesson ranges from $120 to $300.
  • Average Term Fees starts from $500 to $1000/per term (10 to 12 weeks) (3 months).

English Enrichment Programme

Pre-Primary English (Pre-school)

Preparing young readers for Primary School. Builds on the reading platform and expands English literacy.

Primary English (PSLE)

Empowering students to excel at Primary School and in formal exams. 

Targets age specific requirements following local English Curriculum standards.

Secondary English (O-Level)

Developing students’ skills in the areas of comprehension, composition and speaking, and fully prepares the students for the O Level examination.

Areas of Learning 



Creative Writing 

Group discussions 

Listening activities

Speech and Drama

Most Popular English Tuition and Enrichment Brands in Singapore

Ranking is based on Monthly Search Volumes on Google

Operators Number Of Centers
Kumon 82
I Can Read 24
Kent Ridge Education 22
Eye Level 18
Stalford Learning Centre 18
Mind Stretcher 15
Lcentral 14
Just Education 13
Mavis Tutorial Centre 12
My English School 8
The Learning Lab 8
Mindchamps Reading & Writing 8
Morris Allen 6
British Council 5
Zoo-Phonics 5
I-Creative Learner 5
The Write Connection 4
Adam Khoo Learning Centre 4
Bright Minds Education 4
Jan & Elly 3
The Writer’s Place 3
Julia Gabriel Centre 2
Lorna Whiston 2
Apple Pie Language 1
Joyous Learning 1
Literacy Plus 1
Creative Horizons 1
Superstar Teacher 1
Genohouse 1
Kidz Literacy Cove 1
Learning Journey Education Centre 1
Ros Schoolhouse 1

Top 30 Most Searched English Enrichment Brands on Google

Note: *Ranking is based on Monthly Search Volumes on Google.

Branded Keywords Avg. Monthly Searches
British Council 5400
Superstar Teacher 4400
The Learning Lab 4400
Mind Stretcher 3600
Mindchamps 3600
I Can Read 2400
Kumon 1600
Just Education 1600
Lorna Whiston 1300
Zoo Phonics 590
My English School 590
Morris Allen 590
Lu Central 590
The Write Connection 590
Stalford Learning Centre 480
Eye Level 260
Literacy Plus 170
Mavis Tutorial Centre 170
Kent Ridge Education 170
Icreative Learner 170
The Writers Place 140
Adam Khoo Learning Centre 140
Jan & Elly 110
Julia Gabriel Centre 90
Learning Journey Education Centre 90
Apple Pie Language 50
Ros Schoolhouse 50
Creative Horizons 30
Bright Minds Education 30
Joyous Learning 30

Top 20 Most Socially Devoted English Enrichment Brands on Facebook

Note: *Ranking is based on Page Likes on Facebook

Brands Facebook Page Page Likes
British Council https://fb.com/BritishCouncilSingapore/ 190026
Adam Khoo Learning Centre https://fb.com/adamkhoolearningcentre/ 58100
LCentral https://fb.com/LCentralSingapore/ 17221
Mind Stretcher https://fb.com/MindStretcherEducation/ 16049
Just Education https://fb.com/justedu.singapore/ 11420
The Learning Lab https://fb.com/TheLearningLabSingapore/ 11135
I Can Read https://fb.com/icanreadsingapore/ 10621
Jan & Elly https://fb.com/janandellyschool/ 9415
Kent Ridge Education https://fb.com/KRTCKentRidgeEducation/ 9161
Mavis Tutorial Centre https://fb.com/MavisTutorialCentre/ 7752
Eye Level https://fb.com/eyelevel.singapore/ 7661
MindChamps https://fb.com/MindChampsFamily/ 7534
Julia Gabriel Centre https://fb.com/JuliaGabrielCentreSG/ 5619
Lorna Whiston https://fb.com/LornaWhistonSingapore/ 3897
Superstar Teacher https://fb.com/SuperstarTeacher/ 3636
The Write Connection https://fb.com/TheWriteConnectionSingapore/ 3339
Morris Allen https://fb.com/Morrisallenenglish/ 2147
My English School https://fb.com/MyEnglishSchoolSG/ 1944
Learning Journey Education Centre https://fb.com/LearningJourneySG/ 1295
Bright Minds Education https://fb.com/brightmindstuition/ 1239