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Which musical instrument is right for my child?

Music for Young Children

How do I know which musical instrument is the right one for my child?

answered by Gresilda Tan
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What is the right age to start for musical instruments?

Music for Young Children

What is the right age to start for the various musical instruments?

answered by Gresilda Tan
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Daily dental routine for my toddler

Health & Development

What kind of daily dental routine should I introduce to my toddler, who dislikes having his teeth brushed?

answered by Dr Loh Ee Tyug
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Toddler uninterested in feeding herself

Diet and Nutrition

My two-year-old toddler seems to be completely uninterested in feeding herself. She will only eat if we spoon feed every single mouthful to her. She will only feed herself unhealthy snacks which we don’t want to give to her. What can I do to encourage her to self-feed?

answered by Humairah Hameed
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Two children cannot seem to stop fighting

Childhood Behavior

I have two children aged 6 and 3 and they cannot seem to stop fighting. They fight over toys, food, finger pointing and blame each other for all the messes in the house. How do I encourage them to be more loving? Should I investigate each quarrel and accord blame or just ignore the fights?”

answered by Dr Henry Toi
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