Jolly Owl Schoolhouse @ Woodlands

21 Woodlands Close, #01-13/14, Primz Bizbub, Singapore 737854

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School Fees

Infant Care Fees Playgroup Fees
- S$880
Nursery Fees Kindergarten Fees
S$880 S$800



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  • by yen - 1 month ago
    I would like to thank the school and teachers for their care for my child. The teachers of the school have devoted love and hard work to each of our children, which has moved us. As a parent, I understand and support the work of the teacher, and also cooperate with the teacher to educate the childre...
  • by Joy - 1 month ago
    The teacher is good and the teacher are very good at teaching
  • by Jian Hao - 2 months ago
    The school helps prepare my child for P1 academically. Also teach them to be independent and bold in primary school too - he was able to give his own graduation speech in English and Chinese on stage during the year end concert!

History & Background

Jolly the Owlet was born in Jolly Owl School House @ Woodlands. Jolly was nurtured with patience and love. Wise Papa and Mama Owl taught Jolly good values and beliefs.

To be successful in life, Jolly was advised to soar F.A.R and W.I.D.E. These are the values and traits that Jolly would like to share at Jolly Owl School House.

F- Farm in the City. Learning more about nature and the great outdoors.
A- Articulate With Confidence. Speak their minds and not be shy about uttering their thoughts.
R - 3'R's. Reduce, Reuse Recycle. Nurture a little green warrior that will care for the environment.

Traits of our children:
W- Wise
I - Independent
D - Determined
E- Enterprising

Education Philosophy

Jolly Owl Schoolhouse believes learning is a joyful lifelong journey. Children should be given opportunities to discover and engage the world around them. The world is their classroom and stage for them to bloom. We futureproof each child with a holistic education foundation from character development to knowledge skill during their formative years.

Special Enrichment Programmes

We offer a wide range of enrichment courses such as:
- English Speech and Drama
- Chinese Speech and Drama cum calligraphy
- Swimming
- Fun Elements of Art
- Modern Dance

Latest Happenings

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