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History & Background

New centre with great indoor and outdoor facilities like water facing playground, outdoor activities corner, gardens, inhouse liabarary etcAt Pariposa Preschool, we believe children learn by doing and being self- directed. They succeed in the future by learning to love school. Reading readiness, writing, and math skills are incorporated into all activities as useful tools needed to carry out plans.

We are committed to maximizing children's potential, preparing them for formal education and instilling an attitude for Love of Learning, Love of School through our emergent curriculum.

We understand that the environment plays a vital role in developing happy, confident, secure and competent child with an inquiring mind. We therefore lay great emphasis on creating a carefully planned and well-resourced environment that is warm, welcoming and engaging.

The environment at Pariposa preschool provides the necessary freedom, allowing each child continual opportunities for choice, discovery and decision making.

Education Philosophy

Our Philosophy on Early Childhood Education is to provide high quality, professional, early education programs for your child.

Pariposa believes in working in partnership with families, the community, and staff to ensure that children receive quality care in a nurturing environment. Our services reflect an on going commitment to the well-being of children and families characterized by sensitivity, high standards, and flexibility.

We believe in fostering a desire for learning in children through:

Pariposa's 3 Core's:
Love: Giving sufficient time to support the child's learning.
Protection: by providing a positive learning environment.
Care: Our excellent staff ratio is a vital factor in our program who has an attitude that values learning.

Special Enrichment Programmes

Whats makes us different:
Pariposa Preschool offers the following enrichment programs as part of our core curriculum. The programs are conducted by our partners and trained professional in house at no additional costs to parents.

Lego Education and Robotics: Pariposa Preschool has partnered Duck Learning to offer LEGO Education and Robotics to our students. We are the first childcare centre to offer this programme in Singapore as part of its curriculum.
LEGO education provides a unique 'hand-on, mind-on environment that support and enriches the entire learning process. Your child will gain new knowledge, develop 21st century competencies and self-confidence. This program is designed for children from the playgroup to Kindergarten levels.

GRAMS learning centre Enrichment programs:
Gooey GRAM focuses on learning language through Messy play ; an approach that is widely used by Western educators. This program is developed for Playgroup to Nursery Level

Picto Grams is an art programme that focuses on process-based learning. This program is developed for kindergarten
We also offer Speech and Drama, Science, Jolly Music, Jolly Phonics, Letterland and Growing with Mathematics. Our teachers are trained in conducting these programs.

We offer an outstanding second language programme that lays the foundation for strong bilingual foundation.

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