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The dMaster Learning Centre Pte Ltd was established in 1995 and was registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore, (Registration No. 1220).

The Centre is located at Blk 265, Serangoon Central Drive, #03-265, S(550265).

It was set up by Raymond Kesavan Yoo Weng, a Colombo Plan Scholar, who served the Singapore Economic Development Board for 23 years in various capacities. He held positions such as Deputy Director of Rollei Govt Training Centre, Director of Japan Singapore Training Centre, Director of Creative Services SBU and Regional Director, Manpower Division, Asia-Pacific. He also lectured undergraduates at a local institute on a part-time basis before establishing the Centre to help thousands of students excel in Mathematics over the last 18 years.

He is the Principal coach and tutor to all students who enrol at the Centre and has an excellent track record, both academically and professionally. He has an Honours degree from the University of Adelaide, South Australia and a Masters degree in Business Admin from the University of Dubuque, IOWA, USA. His testominals are included for reference.

He loves taking in weak students and helping to turn them around so that they can excel in mathematics. As a result, some of the students were topping the class, some gaining 100% in mathematics while some raising their grades from F9 to A1. He is endowed with creativity, passion, patience , memory enhancement and mastery techniques, a caring nature, professionalism, etc. Many of these qualities are reflected in the beautiful and creative testimonials presented to him by students and parents. These can be viewed in the Testimonials section.

He is also the Editor of mathematics books published by Fairfield Book Publisher. The books are readily available in the market.

Students who are currently attending his lessons benefit from his wealth of knowledge accumulated over the 50 odd years.


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