Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

22 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City #06-76, Singapore 573969


Type of Enrichment

Enrichment Fees

$300 – $2000 per month

Suitable Age Group

1.5 to 10


Healis provide Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy with Verbal Behavior (VB) analysis to help individuals with autism or other developmental delays communicate better.

As compared to traditional ABA techniques which are criticized to be rigid and robotic; Healis methodologies are fun and dynamic and hence prepare the child for constant changes and unpredictable events he will come across in reality.

We are a strong advocate of neurodiversty – believing that every child deserves the right to pursue their dreams and passions, and a child with autism is of no exception. We aim to groom individuals to not just cope with their symptoms but to be outstanding in their own ways.

Early intervention makes a huge difference in a child's development. Contact us for a free assessment today.

About Founder

It may be due to the greater awareness or the expanded definition of Autism – the cases of autism and other similar developmental disorders have increased so much in recent years that demand does not seem to be keeping up. While this seems to be a worrying issue, our founders believe that “disorders” like autism are a form of neuro-diversity. When given the right environment and intervention, conditions can be greatly improved. In fact, traits associated with autism have great advantages. To mention a few famous people on the spectrum – Temple Grandin, Tim Burton, and Bill Gates. Their special abilities to be precise with details – persistent with pursuing their interests and sharp with their senses – have contributed tremendously to their successes.

The key for a child with autism to reach his fullest potential is having access to the most effective intervention early. One of such methods is Applied Behavioral Analysis – Verbal Behavior (ABA/VB). Unfortunately, it is not commonly practised yet. This is why Healis was founded – to reach out to all children with autism and provide the therapy that is proven to work. At Healis, we are dedicated to help every child to not just learn speech and communication but also shape character and discover their own passions. This is simply because every child deserves good health, education and happiness.



(Based on 2 Reviews)

  • by Lim - 2 months ago
    Very happy that my child is able to speak now, before starting home-based therapy with Healis he is barely only able to say a few words. Glad to see so much progress in such a short period of time.
  • by Jess - 9 months ago
    Therapist has very good rapport with my child and looks forwards to meeting her before every session. My child has made good progress since therapy started.

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