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We provide highest quality educational services that allow our students to enjoy learning while achieving their highest potential in terms of academics and personal growth

No one-size-fits-all. We aim to change the way of teaching and learning to suit every individual’s needs for growth.

At InstanTuition, each and every student learn at their own pacing in a stress-free environment. We cannot stress this enough that learning should be made easy and fun!

You can look forward to holistic development in your child, not just academically but mentally too. Many of our students who initially hate the subject(s) or hate studying grow to be self-motivated, self-disciplined, developed interest in learning and willing to work hard not just for the sake of studying.

Unlike textbooks or school notes, we develop and offer in-house simplified learning materials which are easy to digest which makes learning less mundane and tedious.



(Based on 13 Reviews)

  • by Aqeisha - 3 months ago
    Teachers here are very fun and engaging! I can understand the methods and concepts taught by Mr Cheok . The classrooms are very clean and conducive for studying.
  • by Claris - 3 months ago
    The teachers here are very friendly and very patient! I started joining chemistry physics and amath and ive felt that the explanation by the teachers are very clear and easy to understand. The learning environment is also very cozy and nice . I would greatly recommend this tuition centre to others
  • by Jing Wen - 4 months ago
    I’ve seen an improvement in my grades since I’ve joined InstanTuition. Miss Kacey has been teaching me POA since sec 3. I have always struggled with POA and couldn’t grasp the concepts very well, thus failing this subject for every exam. Attending her classes has helped me clear various doubts I had...
  • by Zakir - 4 months ago
    Good tuition. My exam grades improved a lot after i joined. Improved from U grade in Sec 3 to Grade A in N Level for all 3 subjects which i had tuition for - Math, Science (Phy/Chem) and Principles of Accounts (POA). I recommend this place!
  • by Sofea - 4 months ago
    the teachers here are very friendly and approachable. the teaching methods here have helped to improve my grades tremendously and i have no regrets joining this tuition centre. i really recommend you to try out their free trial lesson :)
  • by Jevan Teo - 4 months ago
    Very kind and considerate tutor. The tutor knows how to make sure that the student does not get stressed out during tuition and I am no exception especially when I am weak in math and science. I have also seen a noticeable improvement in my math and science grades since I have joined this tuition ce...
  • by Kailaash - 5 months ago
    The tuition centre is a very comfortable place with great tutors (Mr Cheok and Miss Kacey) who patiently teach me. Before I joined InstanTuition, I was very weak in my chemistry, I had no idea what was going on in chemistry. However after joining InstanTuition, I am able to understand chemistry very...
  • by Adele Tng - 5 months ago
    I realised that I learn better after I came to instantuition because Mr Cheok is very patient when teaching and he has very good and simple ways of solving questions, the place is also very conducive for learning!
  • by Rayson - 5 months ago
    I recommend this tuition centre. The teachers are good at teaching and help my subjects get an A. Mr Cheok is kind and always free to help me outside of tuition timing via WhatsApp. When I started this tuition, I was in NA and now I am in Express!
  • by Lucas - 6 months ago
    This place has flexible timing depending on your schedule, they also allow me to bring drinks and food to make me feel comfortable. The tution center is somewhat like one on one where he will come to your assistance when you need him. I currently taking math and science (phy&chem), Mr Cheok has help...
  • by Zalifah - 11 months ago
    mr cheok & ms kacey have been my tutors since i was sec3. currently im about to finish pfp so they’ve been my tutors for abt 2-3 years. in sec3 i’ve always struggled with poa which made me hate it. i always failed tests, was the last in class etc. but ever since ms kacey taught me, my grades improve...
  • by Sharmny - 1 year ago
    I recommend going to InstanTuition. Because they helped me improve my grades in chemistry, mathematics and principle of accounts from F to A for all of them. The environment is conducive as well as lively as our teachers, are very friendly and optimistic.
  • by humairah - 1 year ago
    The teachers are very nice and welcoming. My mathematics improved from an F9 to a B4. The teachers ensure that our basics & concepts are strong. I strongly recommend this tuition centre to primary & secondary school students. :)

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