Establishing The Way to Write Well for the PSLE

By MindChamps Enrichment Academy

23rd Jan 02:00 PM ~ 03:30 PM


Establishing The Way to Write Well for the PSLE

23rd Jan 02:00 PM ~ 03:30 PM


This is a targeted webinar that explores how your P5 or P6 child can refine his/her writing skills in preparation for the PSLE with your support.

During the seminar, our Specialist Senior Trainer Ms. Marie Mok will be speaking about:

  • Inculcating the RIGHT mindset towards writing well
  • Understanding what PSLE examiners will be looking for in written work
  • Discovering the MindChamps Way of preparing your child to write well on the PSLE

    There will also be a bonus segment that you can participate in with your child, featuring hands-on practice with our curriculum experts. Learn how to:

      • Craft a 5-sentence plan for a composition based on a given question
      • Recognise the qualities of an effective essay plan through positive and negative examples
      • Utilise the picture provided to write a logical and coherent story

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      Date and Time

      23rd Jan 02:00 PM ~ 03:30 PM

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