June Holidays Workshop - Financial & Medical programme

By Mathema

3rd Jun, 2021 09:00 AM ~ 26th Jun 04:00 PM


June Holidays Workshop - Financial & Medical programme

3rd Jun, 2021 09:00 AM ~ 26th Jun 04:00 PM


Getting bored at home? Our holiday workshop will bring more excitement to your child. Invest your precious time in our unique workshop and have fun!

What to learn? Here are the interesting workshop specially designed for the young children. Financial literacy and health awareness.

Who should participate? Any child aged 7 to 11 will be a suitable participant. Our course contents relate to some of the topics covered in MOE syllabus at primary school level. It will reinforce their knowledge for the subjects. Most importantly, your child gets to attend workshop conveniently using online platform at home.

How we teach? We adopt a different pedagogy to motivate children to learn: worksheets, quiz, experiments, discussion and assignment .Our workshop encourages your child to speak up, brainstorm vigorously, develop teamwork and spark innovation through the learning activities.

How to sign up? Visit mathema.company.site for more information and simply go to tinyurl.com/mathema-learning to register.

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Date and Time

3rd Jun, 2021 09:00 AM ~ 26th Jun 04:00 PM




Our philosophy
We have been in the education business for the last 18 years, handling students from primary, secondary, tertiary and university level. Whether mainstream, private, international or special need institutions, we worked together with the schools on unique projects to get children learning a skill.

We believed in the 3 “I”s: Informative, interesting, interactive. Online learning is not new but not well developed and utilised in our education system. It should be integrated into learning to entice children to learn.

Informative: Course materials sent for reading prior to lesson so that children are will prepared and able to ask more questions during lesson
Interesting: Educators using multimedia teaching according to latest pedagogy innovation so that children are not just listening to theories
Interactive: Children exploring and re-visit training materials with different methodology and activities to reinforce learning

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