P1 Math Preparatory Program

By PlayFACTO School

25th Nov, 2019 02:00 PM ~ 5th Dec 05:00 PM


P1 Math Preparatory Program

25th Nov, 2019 02:00 PM ~ 5th Dec 05:00 PM


About Our P1 Math Preparatory Programme

Date & Time:Run 1: 25 Nov to 29 Nov, 2pm to 5pmRun 2: 2 Dec to 5 Dec, 2pm to 5pmRun 3: 9 Dec to 5 Dec, 2pm to 5pm


  • Covers key concepts required for Primary 1 according to MOE Syllabus
  • Integration of both manipulatives and workbooks promote a deeper understanding of concepts
  • Proven scientific method provides a structured approach to the teaching and learning of math
  • Engaging curriculum that sparks joy in learning, as well as nurturing intrinsic motivation toward mathematics



  • Classify solid figures and find their attributes
  • Develop a sense of figures and make various figures using solid figures
  • Make 3D figures using building blocks

Problem Solving

  • Apply numbers in problem-solving
  • Develop spatial and visual awareness to solve problems
  • Boost mathematical thinking through reflection, games and collaborative learning

Numbers & Operations

  • Read, write, count and skip count the numbers from 1 to 50
  • Order the numbers from 1 – 50
  • Compare the numbers from 1 – 5


  • Identify pattern rules
  • Look at the number, letter, and symbol patterns and find the pattern rules
  • Classify data by one attribute
  • Classify data by one attribute and count them
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Date and Time

25th Nov, 2019 02:00 PM ~ 5th Dec 05:00 PM


  • PlayFACTO School @ Serangoon North

    55 Serangoon North Ave 4 #09-05 Singapore 555859 View Map

PlayFACTO School

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PlayFACTO School takes a unique, game-based approach to teach kids maths, making the subject fun, meaningful and easier to understand.

“What PlayFACTO School’s creative maths programme does is to make learning maths fun. This is done using our comprehensive hands-on maths curriculum that removes the stress in learning maths,” says Macy Wong, the curriculum lead of PlayFACTO School.

Having taught for more than 10 years in MOE schools and reputable education brands, Macy is a highly sought after Gifted Education maths teacher and mentor to its creative maths trainers. She has also written maths curricula for preschoolers and primary school children.

With many children experiencing pressure to do well in schools, it has become more important than ever for educators to recognise their students’ accomplishments and promote their emotional and mental well-being. When children are valued and accepted, they thrive.

The unique PlayFACTO School experience is based on the philosophy of “engage, play, learn”. PlayFACTO believes in helping every child realise his full potential through meaningful engagement and providing a fun and holistic learning experience.

PlayFACTO School’s curriculum and pedagogical approach are designed to encourage intellectual curiosity, foster creativity and inspire children to want to learn.

Research by Professor Park Mangoo and his team of education experts has found three benefits of using PlayFACTO manipulatives.

Students who used PlayFACTO manipulatives:
• Displayed greater mathematical achievement. Students of different learning abilities demonstrated this.
• Developed greater interest in maths and less anxiety towards maths as they were having fun learning through structured activities and games.
• Showcased greater focus while learning. They also displayed higher levels of participation in the learning process.

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