Join our Signature MIM Courses


5th Jan 02:05 PM ~ 28th Feb 08:30 PM


Join our Signature MIM Courses

5th Jan 02:05 PM ~ 28th Feb 08:30 PM


We provide high quality education in Music, Performing Arts (Speech & Drama, Dance, Musical Theatre) and Language, as well as higher education in music and teacher training. Using current pedgagogies and methodology, incorporating age appropriate activities, we strive to bring out the best in every child, moulding them to become a creative, confident and eloquent individual, at the same time maintain their poise and ability to work dynamically in a group successfully.

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Date and Time

5th Jan 02:05 PM ~ 28th Feb 08:30 PM


  • Seimpi Education Group (CP)

    176 Orchard Road #03-26 The Centre Point Singapore 238843 Tel: 67376731 View Map

  • Seimpi Education Group (Hougang)

    90 Hougang Avenue 10, #05-04/05 Hougang Mall Singapore 538766 Tel 63435347 View Map

  • Seimpi Education Group (J Cube)

    2 Jurong East Central 1 #04-13/14 J Cube Singapore 609731 Tel: 62621193 View Map

  • Seimpi Education Group (Loyang Point)

    Blk 258 Pasir Ris St 21 #05-02 Loyang Point Singapore 510258 Tel: 63847178 View Map


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About Us
Seimpi Education Group has come a long way to reach its current status as the leading early childhood program provider in this region since the year of 2002. It started with a series of highly successful Music for the intelligent Mind™ (MIM®) courses for pre-school children. The courses have since spread to many childcares and kindergartens in Singapore, Malaysia and most recently, in Indonesia.

In line with the recent movement in the world that promotes a new philosophy in teaching and learning, Seimpi has since re-structured its courses to provide more opportunities for inter-disciplinary ‘phenomenon based’ learning for the many children whose parents are firm believers of Seimpi’s teaching concept and approaches in education. As arts learning most often involves children working individually honing their arts skills, this new wave of thinking and approaches spur our children to achieve higher level thinking from the many experience and exposure working with other children from the different arts field. We create activities such as ensemble performances, acting and singing, dance and music to allow for greater interaction and understanding among our children. Children absorb faster with stimulations and interventions provided to them in a fun and motivational way.

In the midst of creating an inter-disciplinary learning environment, we are aware of the skills that children need to focus on, in order to be good in an area that they truly like. As such, every child is encouraged to focus on 1 or 2 courses either in music, dance, singing, speech and drama or language as their ‘major studies’ in Seimpi. Our educators will then guide and coach our children to be true experts in their own field. In that way, our children will develop to excel in their own arts skills, and at the same time, acquire the readiness to put their skills to good use by collaborating with other artistes. These efforts to create readiness in our children not only give them a winning edge above others but most important of all, the children get to learn and excel in a creative, fulfilling and fun environment.


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