Robotics or Python Trial classes

By The Logic Coders

7th Apr 03:00 PM ~ 06:00 PM


Robotics or Python Trial classes

7th Apr 03:00 PM ~ 06:00 PM


Join us this holiday 7 April 2023 for a free robotics or python class of your choice

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Date and Time

7th Apr 03:00 PM ~ 06:00 PM


  • City Square Mall #06-05

    180 Kitchener Road View Map

The Logic Coders

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The best learning occurs subconsciously. At The Logic Coders, students are placed in a fun dynamic environment where they learn coding through real-world experiences. Our students don't just learn coding, they develop critical skills in logical thinking by identifying and solving problems.

We emphasize coding logic over syntax
Coding logic refers to the ideas and thoughts that run a program. Just as how a paragraph can be written in different languages, the logic behind an algorithm can be written in any programming language.

We focus on the 3 Fundamental Concepts of Coding Logic - Sequences, Loops and If-Else statements. While these 3 fundamental concepts seem deceptively simple, they are the basis for all programs and software. Amazing.

Coding Logic
We see coding as the ability to think critically and logically to derive algorithms. Using various coding and robotics platforms for teaching while important, we highlight that 'what' is being taught is critical.

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