Inborn Potential Analysis & Personal Development Strategy

By Brillianaire

10th Feb, 2022 03:00 PM ~ 31st Mar 03:00 PM


Inborn Potential Analysis & Personal Development Strategy

10th Feb, 2022 03:00 PM ~ 31st Mar 03:00 PM


Inborn Potential Analysis : What the report entails

Through this specialised and detailed report, parents can make the best choices tailored to their child's learning preferences, from even as early as preschool days. Different preschools have different teaching styles and priorities, which means that when one knows their own children preferences, they can pick the most suitable preschool for them. Parents can also weigh the pros and cons of different primary school from the perspective of a child, helping them in the selection process.

Your Child's Development Strategy : Our Program

Our program is an all-inclusive approach. The process starts with the report, where data is collected then analysed in our system. Parents then have a consultation of the analysis of the results before an enrichment plan is suggested. The enrichment plan is designed to introduce your child to multiple enrichment schools suited to their report results in the first stage.         

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10th Feb, 2022 03:00 PM ~ 31st Mar 03:00 PM


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We believe that every person is different from another, and that everyone is born with different potentials and traits. These affect our learning, our development, as well as our relationships with others. Whether it be children or adults, we believe that our reports have something to offer to everyone. For children, parents who are able to identify their children's inborn traits from a young age can nurture them effectively to reach their full potentials. For individuals, they can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and start on a journey of self-development.
At Brillianaire, our services tend to all your needs to ensure that from birth to developing a career path, and finding success, you find every support that you need through self discovery.

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