Play, Learn and Grow together

Pioneer in Multiple Intelligences-based in early childhood education.

It is every parent’s wish to see their child blossom into a happy and confident learner.  Our Multiple Intelligences-based curriculum enables your child to thrive in their areas of strengths and foster their all-round development for school and beyond.

Bilingual learning environment

Immerse your child early in a bilingual learning environment to help them master bilingualism confidently in school.

Close Partnership with parents

Our qualified and well-trained teachers work hand-in-hand with you throughout your child’s learning journey. Monitor and communicate your child’s learning and development through regular feedbacks, communication and family bonding activities.

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Carpe Diem Preschool
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Multiple Intelligences

Based Curriculum Nurtures Creative and Confident Learners Adept in:


Picture Smart


Word Smart

Logical Mathematical

Logic Smart


Nature Smart


Music Smart

Bodily Kinesthetic

Body Smart


Self Smart


People Smart

Grow Your Child’s Mind with Carpe Diem

We have in place a comprehensive and evidence- based assessment system to assess the intended care, learning and development of our children. Our teachers and staff work hand in hand with parents to monitor the child’s progress and strive to forge a trusting partnership throughout the child’s learning journey with us

Carpe Diem Schoolhouse has a very beautiful and conducive learning environment, which makes the children enjoy going to school. The centre’s programmes are also very meaningful and the children get to go on learning journeys often. Overall, we are very happy to see our children under the guidance of patient, approachable and fun-loving Teachers.

– Jeremy & Lynette (parents of 3 children who attended preschool at Carpe Diem)


Choose from 2 Centres in the West

4 November, Carpe Diem Schoolhouse @ Jurong Kechil (10am to 4pm)

146 Jalan Jurong Kechil
Tel: 6468 0368

Toddler & Nursery (18 months to 3 years)

4 November, Carpe Diem Schoolhouse @ Toh Yi (10am to 4pm)

Blk 5 Toh Yi Drive #01-221
Tel: 6468 2341

Nursery 1 to Kindergarten ( 3 years to 6 years)

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