Experience our literature-based curriculum with activities from the book
“From Head to Toe”!

Social, emotional, & character

Your little ones will gain an emerging sense of self that uniquely different, and at the same time, possess the social aptitude to communicate with others. Eventually, your child will be able to understand his or herself better and learn what makes them unique

Motor skills

In this programme, children are taught the fundamentals of 10 different sports in a social, non-competitive, team-based environment. The fun, physio-designed sports and fitness activities seek to promote a healthy lifestyle; develop a lifelong passion for physical activity; decrease childhood obesity; increase confidence; and prepare children for participation in school.


Your child will be able to do rote counting of numbers 1-5 during their PG years and be able to co-relate it to colours.


By allowing children to express themselves creatively and artistically, it adds on to their social and emotional development. This further strengthens their sense of self and how they interact with the world around them.


The open house Head to Toe activities such as identifying parts of the body and verbally using appropriate words like: ”head and neck” are geared towards elevating your child’s language and literacy.


A child with a curiosity to learn can become a confident, independent learner. Your little one should show awareness of and interest in the environment around them. In addition to well-equipped classrooms, excursions are often organized in Star Learner Centres to take the learning outside.

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“The love and passion that your teachers have shown for the children is exemplary. It’s in the little things you did to shower them with love”

– Ryan and Peiling

At Star Learners, we believe that the 3 principles coupled with the 3 partners will form 1 unique Star Learners child.

Trusted and Recommended by Parents

My daughter Gisele’s teachers are always willing to share Gisele’s progress and they are helpful whenever I have queries about her well-being. Her teachers are patient and they take care of my girl very well.

Marius Pek, father of Gisele (N2)

Let Your Child Be Guided by the Best!

“The strength of your centre lies not only in your programmes, but also in your dedicated teaching staff.” – Evelyn Wu, mother of Nadia (N1)

Open house happening on:

27 May 2017, Saturday (10am-1pm)

Changi Simei

Address: 114 Simei Street 1, #01-614, S(520114)


Receive up to $450 worth of discounts when you register for our open house today!