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28th March 2015, 11.30am-12.30pm or 2-3pm

Playing Violin Can Improve Your Child’s Brain Development From Young

Researchers at the University of Vermont College of Medicine found that children aren’t just learning music when playing an instrument; they’re also learning how to focus their attention, control their emotions, and reduce their anxiety.


Start Your Child Right With One of Singapore’s Most Talented and Renowned Violinists, Min Lee.


Min Lee, Program Director

Min Lee was the youngest student, at 14 years old, to be admitted to Yale University for graduate studies. She graduated 3 years later and made her London debut with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, one of UK’s prestigious orchestra.

Subsequently, she released 2 albums with the same orchestra, and founded Wolfgang Violin with her sister, and mother, who taught her the basics of violin


Find Out How Wolfgang Violin Can Help Your Child Realise His/Her Musical Potential At Our Parents Talk on Early Musical Training.


  • Find out more about Violin and Cello programs at the Wolfgang Violin Studio, designed for children of different age groups to build technical foundation and musical response.
  • Watch a live demonstration.
  • Get burning questions answered in our Q&A session.


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