General Template for Write-up

The following are some of the major sections required in a write-up. It should be written in an essay form. You may refer to the sample write-up attached together with this general template as a guide. If there are different brands of preschool under the same corporate group, write-ups should be written separately for each individual brand.

  • History & Background
  • Date of establishment
  • Founder’s profile and credential
  • Awards and accolades received (include whether the centre is SPARK certified)
  • Unique Value Proposition(UVP)/Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Educational Philosophy

  • Developed in-house? Any proprietary rights?
  • Or is it a combination of, or inspired by, one or a few of the main educational philosophy? (E.g. Montessori, High-Scope, Waldorf Steiner, Play-Based, Regio Emilia, Multiple Intelligence, Whole Brain Learning, etc)
  • Give examples of day-to-day learning activities that illustrate the learning philosophy. (Specially designed facilities and learning area, curriculum with an outdoor focus, unique learning activities)

Student Composition in Terms of Race and Nationality

  • Are they mostly locals or expat children?
  • What is the typical racial composition?

Fee Structure

  • For different programmes, both full and half day, before any subsidies and after GST.
  • If the monthly fee differs between locations, provide a range for the various programmes.

Formal Progress Report to Parents

  • How frequent and in what form, if any?

Special Enrichment Programme

Types of special enrichment programmes? Some examples:

  • Bilingual Immersion
  • Primary school preparatory program
  • Foreign language class
  • Music lesson
  • Dance lesson