Yuquan Language School @ Beauty World

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #02-27 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


Type of Enrichment


Enrichment Fees

100-500 per month

Suitable Age Group

2 - 15


Yuquan Language School, founded in 1997, is a professional language school registered with the Singapore Government and the Ministry of Education. The school possesses a team of professional graduate teachers from various normal universities in China. Our Language teachers have solid teaching foundations and are responsible and conscientious.

Because of the above reasons, Yuquan Language School has become a reputable school of good social standing. We have an enrolment of several thousand students. Yuquan Language School has researched and analysed many advanced teaching methods from China and combined them with local methods to suit our local Southeast Asian requirements.

The teaching methods selected allow students to be taught according to their aptitudes and make the learning of Chinese enjoyable. From here, a set of creative and effective teaching experiences was consolidated which made the achievement of good teaching results possible. In particular, the , and introduced in 2003 and 2005 respectively paved the way for the new approach “to recognize characters before learning how to write characters”. This new approach was highly publicized by various media and brought about great interest from the public. It provided Singapore students with the best learning conditions and our school has since then become the premier choice school for the learning of the Chinese language among Singapore students.



(Based on 18 Reviews)

  • by Yao - 5 days ago
  • by Jingli Wu - 10 months ago
  • by Angelia Phua - 10 months ago
    My son is a very active boy and he hates Chinese. Since we started him in YuQuan, he managed to recite Chinese words and loved his Chinese teacher, Tian Laoshi to bites. I think the teacher plays a huge role in getting him to love Chinese. Thank you Yu Quan!
  • by Jean L - 10 months ago
    My daughter has been attending Yuquan for 2 years and still continuing. I first started enrolling my daughter here because I saw Principal Song's passion for education and how she emphasised on their aim to help the children love the language and not just study for the sake of examination.
  • by Alka Doggie - 10 months ago
    Near mrt station, very convenient. Helped my child's Chinese results improve by 11 marks. Great school!
  • by Yuming Tan - 10 months ago
    Annabel has problem reading and recognising Chinese words. She has very little interest in Chinese. Thank goodness, we found a very caring teacher in YuQuan. 田老师helped her to gain confidence and interest in Chinese. We were so glad we found her!
  • by Tongli Lin - 10 months ago
    My kids have attended YuQuan language school since last year and I notice their Chinese has improved quite drastically and they actually are able to read the Chinese newsletters independently. Their philosophy of teaching is to firstly teach children the most frequently used words to enable them to...
  • by chew chinphing - 10 months ago
    My son has been with YuQuan for 2 years since Pri 2. The Teachers here are able to motivate him to learn Chinese and maintain a good grade in school. They create a conducive and happy learning environment.
  • by Lilian Teo - 10 months ago
    My twins were resistant towards learning Chinese. After attending the P1 preparation class and Chinese idoms class at YuQuan, they are more receptive to learning Chinese. Also, the teachers at YuQuan are very attentive and able to connect with the children. My kids simply adore their teacher.
  • by Jim D - 10 months ago
    My 6 year old son has been attending Chinese class at this school. His chinese language has improved tremendously and he is more confident in speaking Chinese. He is able to recognise lots of chinese and pronounce them correctly. Best thing is that he really enjoy going for the weekly lesson. Highly...
  • by Jia Yi Teng - 10 months ago
    My P3 child started going to yuquan language school last year. At the time, she knew Chinese words but couldn’t read Chinese idioms or understand them. Now she can, and she can form sentences that are way beyond her age. I highly recommend Yuquan language school to anyone who is looking for a Chines...
  • by Linda LV - 10 months ago
  • by Rui Tian - 10 months ago
  • by Michelle Wang - 10 months ago
  • by Sophia Duan - 1 year ago
    The teachers at Yuquan are very professional and patient. The materials that the principal developed is a very useful tool for learning and mastering Chinese. After going to the centre, my child saw a big jump in his Chinese grades.
  • by A Jetshub - 1 year ago
    It's at a very good location for easy to pick up kid. The tuition room are bright and new. Excellent materials designed pre school children.
  • by Jia Yi Teng - 1 year ago
    My P3 child started going to yuquan language school last year. At the time, she knew Chinese words but couldn’t read Chinese idioms or understand them. Now she can, and she can form sentences that are way beyond her age. I highly recommend Yuquan language school to anyone who is looking for a Chines...
  • by 轩妈妈 - 1 year ago

Enrichment Branches

Yuquan Language School @ Coronation Plaza

Yuquan Language School @ Coronation Plaza

587 Bukit Timah Road #03-11 Coronation Plaza, Singapore 269707

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

1 Marine Parade Central #04-02 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408

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