Yuquan Language School @ Coronation Plaza

587 Bukit Timah Road #03-11 Coronation Plaza, Singapore 269707


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2 - 15


Yuquan Language School, founded in 1997, is a professional language school registered with the Singapore Government and the Ministry of Education. The school possesses a team of professional graduate teachers from various normal universities in China. Our Language teachers have solid teaching foundations and are responsible and conscientious.

Because of the above reasons, Yuquan Language School has become a reputable school of good social standing. We have an enrolment of several thousand students. Yuquan Language School has researched and analysed many advanced teaching methods from China and combined them with local methods to suit our local Southeast Asian requirements.

The teaching methods selected allow students to be taught according to their aptitudes and make the learning of Chinese enjoyable. From here, a set of creative and effective teaching experiences was consolidated which made the achievement of good teaching results possible. In particular, the , and introduced in 2003 and 2005 respectively paved the way for the new approach “to recognize characters before learning how to write characters”. This new approach was highly publicized by various media and brought about great interest from the public. It provided Singapore students with the best learning conditions and our school has since then become the premier choice school for the learning of the Chinese language among Singapore students.



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  • by Luya - 1 week ago
    Good curriculum and nice teachers, photos are posted on school’s social media accounts in advance of sharing with parents via portal. Thanks for sharing with us.
  • by Heidi Yeo - 10 months ago
    Yuquan language school focuese on cultivating children's interest in chinese.and make children like chinese. With yuquan,children are more and more like mandarin.
  • by Gabriel Aw - 10 months ago
    I had lots of fun learning new Chinese composition methods.
  • by SengHuat Lew - 10 months ago
    Yuquan has a conducive environment for learning Chinese. All the Chinese teachers are patient and dedicated to teach young children to learn the language properly.
  • by MrSkybluesng - 10 months ago
    My girl wasn’t so interested in Chinese but after attending lessons here for sometime, she gathered more interest now. Really appreciate the teachers here for making my girl more fond of Chinese.
  • by Sophia Oh - 10 months ago
    The team of teachers at YuQuan Language School are professional, patient and dedicated. My eldest son has improved tremendously in a year’s time. Chinese has become his best subject. I am so glad. He learns to cope with comprehension and composition confidently. Teachers at YuQuan have been very enc...
  • by Eileen Teng - 10 months ago
    My P4 child started going to yuquan language school in November and he has improved in writing speaking and confidence. Yuquans teachers are very patient when teaching and have helped my daughter improve her grades. Highly recommended.
  • by Alison Chong - 10 months ago
    My grand daughter Mira has benefited immensely from her weekly class at the coronation plaza branch of Yuquan.from not speaking a word of mandarin she can now understand stories & can converse in simple mandarin.she is now able to recognise CHINESE characters too.she has a good rapport with her teac...
  • by Junn Chua - 10 months ago
    This language school is rather low profile and not too commercialise. Unlike other center, the students are able to learn better in a smaller group setting and the natives speaking teachers are carefully selected and trained by the principal.
  • by Evelyn Liang - 10 months ago
    After my both my son joined Yuquan language school i could see my both my son’s chinese have improved. They are able to communicate better and recognize more chinese words. Also it helps my son to cope better in school for chinese. The teachers are not only friendly but my sons likes going for class...
  • by Xie Cuiyi Serene - 10 months ago
    My daughter has been in Yuquan for quite awhile. Her mandarin had made positive improvement and teachers eg: Wu laoshi and others had elevate her learning in all aspects.
  • by Michelle Wang - 10 months ago
  • by Fiona - 1 year ago
  • by Wu - 1 year ago
    Shao Quan has learnt a lot in YUQUAN, He has developed a strong foundation in Chinese and is able to read and write fluently. His grasp and appreciation of language has also advanced significantly since starting YUQUAN.
  • by Mother of Zhe Xiang - 1 year ago
    Zhe Xiang has been attending classes at Yuquan since he was 4. Even though we don’t speak Chinese at home, the teachers have really managed to engage his interest, to the extent that he has told me more than once that he wants to come to classes every day! We have been really pleased with how much p...
  • by 梓琳妈妈 - 1 year ago
  • by Jacqeline Chin - 1 year ago
    My children have benefitted from Yuquan’s Chinese class. Most importantly, it has cultivated their love for learning the Mandarin language.
  • by 琳琳 - 1 year ago

Enrichment Branches

Yuquan Language School @ Beauty World

Yuquan Language School @ Beauty World

144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #02-27 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

1 Marine Parade Central #04-02 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408

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