5 Things That Make Singapore an Attractive Education Destination for Expat Families

Moving overseas comes with many different challenges, such as overcoming language barriers, building new relationships, and putting down roots in a place where everything may appear foreign in the beginning. However, this transition can be more difficult when you’re moving with your entire family to another country. You need to carefully consider all the factors that can affect the lives of every family member, especially your children. After all, part of the considerations of living in another country is your kids’ safety, comfort, and education.

In Singapore, you’ll find that it’s easy to take care of your children’s essential needs and more. The vibrant city-state has plenty of educational institutions that can provide your kids with quality education. It also offers expatriates and their families various options for exciting and entertaining activities. Overall, this Southeast Asian country can be a wonderful place to live and raise your family in, whether it’s only on a temporary basis or for an extended period.

In case you aren’t still certain if moving to Singapore is a good choice, here are some compelling facts that make the Lion City an attractive destination for your family.


Singapore Has High Standards of Education

As a nation that relies on its people as one of its primary resources, Singapore definitely prioritizes education. The country’s strong and high-quality educational system ensures that your kids will get the best schooling in the world possible no matter what level they may be in. The standards of learning also applies to all educational institutions in the country, both local and international schools alike.

Although the local schools managed by the Ministry of Education follow comprehensive curricula and offer world-class education in their own right, you also have the option to send your kids to an international American school in Singapore. If you are from the United States, in particular, your children will have fewer difficulties adjusting to the school system, and studying in such a school will also make it easier for your kids when you return to your home country. Additionally, with a diverse student population in international schools, your children will likely be able to develop a worldview that is compassionate, cosmopolitan, and responsive to the needs of a globally interconnected world.


English Is One of the Main Languages Spoken in the Country

When it comes to communicating with locals and residents, you and your children won’t have a hard time in Singapore because English is one of the main languages used in the city-state. Even in local schools, the main medium of instruction is English, so you can expect that most—if not everyone—that you and your kids will meet can speak and understand English.

In case you hear some locals speaking a unique kind of English language, they’re probably communicating in Singlish. This is a colloquial creole language that’s a mix of English and other locally spoken languages such as Hokkien, Tamil, and Malay. While you might not understand Singlish in the beginning, you may find yourself picking up a phrase or two eventually.


It’s a Safe Country for Expat Families and for Everyone Else

If you’re moving to Singapore with your family, you can rest assured it will be a safe place to live in. Expats aren’t the only ones who can vouch for the country’s safety, but also tourists and locals. This fact isn’t surprising at all as Singapore has consistently been named as one of the safest countries in the world by various institutions, thanks to its low crime rates and strict laws against both violent crimes and property crimes. It’s so safe that you can usually leave your bag, mobile phone, computer, and other belongings unattended in public and come back with these things intact.

Needless to say, as a parent, you have little to worry about your children’s safety in Singapore. They can visit the public park or walk the streets with their friends, and you’ll be confident that they’ll return home safely. As such, your kids will also enjoy more freedom than in many other places around the world.


There Are Plenty of Fun and Family-Friendly Spaces

In addition to being a safe city-state, Singapore is also a family-friendly place where every member of your family can choose from the many attractions and entertainment options available. You can enjoy Singapore’s many outdoor spaces like the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay, or maybe the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve or the Pulau Ubin Island Sanctuary if you’re looking to go somewhere even more rustic.

If you and your kids want to run, fly a kite, or have a picnic, the rooftop park at Marina Barrage is the perfect place. This recreational site is a popular destination among families and offers a spectacular view of the city skyline. To cultivate your kids’ young minds, on the other hand, the Science Centre, ArtScience Museum, and the National Museum of Singapore are fantastic destinations for this purpose.


You Can Rely on an Efficient Public Transportation System

When travelling around Singapore, you can do it safely and comfortably on any of the country’s public transport options. You have a range of choices to choose from, including taxis, buses, the Mass Rapid Transit system, and the Light Rail Transit system. Also, Singapore’s public transportation system seamlessly connects different areas of the city-state, making mobility very efficient and very affordable indeed.

Apart from travelling locally, visiting other countries from Singapore is just as easy with the option to travel via air, land, or sea. The Changi Airport, Singapore’s main aviation hub, has four terminals where you can easily board many international flights to other interesting places in the region. By land or by sea, the city of Johor and many other places in Malaysia are also within easy reach from Singapore.

It’s not easy moving to another country with your entire family in tow. But if you move to a safe and wonderful country like Singapore, you and your children will most likely have an amazing experience. With its high standards of education and its various socio-civic amenities where your kids can enrich their minds, Singapore certainly offers plenty of opportunities for learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.

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