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Skoolopedia is the leading education portal in Singapore, visited by over 30,000 parents searching for news on schools, education, parenting and children. Skoolopedia helps parents select the best early childhood education and pre-school learning environment for their children to excel in their growing up years.

The Parents’ Choice Awards are based on the reviews and testimonials of parents who are pleased that their children have thrived in their learning journey because of the caring teachers and the holistic curriculum. These awards are in recognition of the schools’ enduring commitment to excellence in curriculum, pedagogy and innovation.


Parents’ Choice Awards

2024 Winners

My First Skool

The Trusted Name in Preschool Education

For more than 40 years, My First Skool has been a leader in early childhood care and education. As the pre-school arm of NTUC (National Trades Union Congress) First Campus Co-operative, we have grown into one of Singapore’s most respected early childhood organisations since we opened our doors in 1977.

Children are, and always have been, at the heart of all we do. A quality pre-school education ignites a young child’s love for learning. It builds a firm foundation for a child’s intellectual, emotional, physical and character development. The invented ‘Skool’ in our name reflects our belief that absolute correctness, mechanics and memorisation should not be the focus when teaching preschoolers to write. We encourage our children not to be fearful of making mistakes and we believe our children are able to grow into confident and creative individuals who are ready to take on the world!

We look forward to greater learning and growth together as you and your child join us on the My First Skool learning journey.

Kidz Meadow Childcare

The Best Preschool Curriculum that Inspires Nature Loving Kids

True to Kidz Meadow’s tagline “where fun and creative learning begins”, we believe that learning through creative play and discovery will develop language, cognitive and social skills in children, in preparation for lifelong learning.

Our niche programme, Nature Magnified, gives opportunities for the children to interact and have a deep connection with diverse natural elements, and this will aid to unlock the children’s fullest potential.

Kidz Meadow Childcare has been providing quality education to preschoolers since 1999. Today, we have established ten childcare centres, offering both infant and childcare services. An appointed Partner Operator with SPARK certification by Early Childhood Development Agency, Kidz Meadow is committed to providing quality programmes for our children and supporting our educators with continuous professional training and development.

ELFA Chinese Preschool

The Best Bilingual Preschool Curriculum with Mandarin Focus

ELFA Preschool is one of the four early childhood brands under the Crestar Education Group (CEG), Singapore. Building on its five decades of expertise in early childhood curriculum development, operations and centre design, the Group has expanded beyond Singapore, to Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, China and Cambodia. It now operates more than 120 centres in the region, offering its rich educational programmes to more than 20,000 students annually.

Currently with three centres in Pandan Valley, Serangoon and Tampines, the ELFA Preschool brand was launched in Singapore in 2000. Today, the ELFA Preschool Group has some 30 preschool centres in 19 cities all over China and in Singapore.

GUG Preschool

The Best Preschool for Curriculum & Developing Literacy Skills

GUG Education (Growing Up Gifted) is a leading, award-winning preschool and enrichment brand that has over 20 years’ experience in serving children from babies to K2. We stand for the best practises of early childhood education and gifted education, and have helped over 15,000 children achieve important developmental milestones to-date. As Singapore’s pioneer in phonics-based education for very young children, our preschool programme is designed to provide your child with a world-class premium curriculum (5-Point Intelligence®️) that unleashes their potential to learn and grow, using multi-sensorial learning experiences and specially-developed phonics storybooks, games, workbooks and customized resources. With a low teacher-student ratio and thoughtfully designed learning spaces, every interaction with each child is deemed valuable, and enables them to read, write and develop faster.

GUG Preschool offers full and half day programmes for Playgroup to K2 levels. For those unable to attend our preschool, we provide enrichment in the form of Growing Smart and Book + Pen Masters. As the first school in Singapore and globally to launch play-based phonics for babies and toddlers, Growing Smart is an accompanied programme that is suitable for children as young as 10 months old, where they get to enjoy fun and enriching activities that inspire them to become avid explorers of language, music, science, art and math. For Book + Pen Masters, children aged 3.5 to 8 years old can look forward to mastering their literacy skills in phonics, reading and creative writing.

GUG Education has three campuses islandwide in Tampines, Thomson and Katong. Among many other recent accolades, GUG Education has also received the Young Parents Editor’s Choice Preschool & Enrichment Award.

PCF Sparkletots

The Most Outstanding Preschool for its
Curriculum and Pedagogy

Every child can shine at Sparkletots! Gift your little ones with a holistic, educational programme that cultivates lifelong learning skills, builds resilience and prepares them for the future.

Our Sparkletots Curriculum covers six learning domains. Each domain plays an important role in the holistic development of every child.

  1. Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  2. Discovery of the World
  3. Language and Literacy
  4. Motor Skills Development
  5. Numeracy
  6. Social and Emotional Development

Beyond acquiring more knowledge, these learning opportunities also enable our children to develop strong moral values, build self-management skills and nurture essential life skills which will help them succeed in the future.

LCentral English

Premier English Specialist Since 2008

LCentral is a reputable Premier English Specialist providing quality enrichment for students from N1 to P6 since 2008.

As the Premier English Specialist, we have redefined enrichment and reimagined classroom learning. We specialise in teaching all aspects of literacy, which includes reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Our LCentral 360 teaching method features a smart classroom that blends innovative classroom practices with technology for an all-around sensational experience.

We are committed to nurturing and maximising each child’s potential in the areas of Literacy, Learning and Leadership qualities.
Locations: Multiple locations at participating LCentral centres islandwide.

Canopy Student Care

The Most Nurturing Student Care

Since our establishment in 2018, Canopy Student Care has had the privilege of serving more than 100 families with primary school going children around the Tiong Bahru and Redhill communities. We’ve even created a nurturing space for homeschoolers and international students. Honoured as Skoolopedia ‘Most Nurturing Student Care’ of 2023/24, we’ve become a cherished part of our community. Our mission has remained steadfast: ‘Nurturing Wholeness and Purpose through Inclusive Student Care and Holistic Education.’

We go beyond being a mere extension of the school day. What sets us apart from typical after-school programmes is our transformative C.A.R.E philosophy. At Canopy, C.A.R.E stands for Comprehensive Academic Development & Support, Adventure & Exploration in the Outdoors, Resilience and Relationships, and Engaged Partnerships. It’s a holistic framework designed to address the multifaceted needs of a child’s development—far beyond academics. We are a holistic community that genuinely nurtures every aspect of a child’s well-being—academic, physical, and emotional.

Come experience the ‘Canopy Difference,’ where after-school time is not merely filled but fulfilled, guiding your child toward a journey toward wholeness, purpose, and well-rounded development!


Parents’ Choice Awards

2023 Winners

The Trusted Name in Preschool Education

The Best Preschool Curriculum that Inspires Nature Loving Kids

The Best Preschool Curriculum Infusing Music

The Best Bilingual Preschool Curriculum with Mandarin Focus

The Best Preschool for Curriculum & Developing Literacy Skills

The Most Outstanding Preschool for its Curriculum Pedagogy

Best Student Care Brand

Premier English Specialist

The Most Nurturing Student Care