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Any child would pick playing outdoors than being stuck in a classroom for hours at a time. Play is, and should be an integral part of any toddler’s lifestyle, and any parent can agree with that.

With an open concept aiming to educate through play, Pibo’s Garden Playschool as their name suggests; embodies an open garden concept. This encourages learning outside the confines of a classroom!

With a team of handpicked educators ranging from locals to expatriates, children will not only be taught in a familiar and safe environment, but also be exposed to global perspectives, serving to diversify their knowledge. Pibo’s play-based curriculum helps children learn in the simplest ways, while having fun! Some of these lessons include Creative Art, Imaginative Play, and Wet & Wild.

Pibo’s believes that self-expression is an important part of growing up. They understand the differences of each child and vary coaching methods for individual needs. Through Creative Art lessons like colouring and blending techniques, shading, and clay molding, children will be equipped with basic skills to nurture the little artists in them.

However, physical development such as hand-eye coordination, and locomotors skills are not overlooked. The Wet & Wild programme aims for children to have an afternoon of fun while staying healthy. Utilising water slides, paddling pools and water pistols that can all be found within the confines of the school. 

The future of a child is as important as their health. A question that constantly bounces back and forth is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Be it a doctor, a chef or an astronaut, Imaginative Play lets children take on their dream jobs using play situations while making use of simple materials that can be found around the school. This lets them fulfill their ambitions and hopefully learn more about different occupations while having fun.

On top of inspiring the use of imagination, Pibo’s believes in cultivating a global perspective in children. With the growth of the Internet and “The Shrinking World”, the use of adopting more than one language opens children’s minds to the interconnected world that they live in. The use of Mandarin is fused through activities such as dance, drama, and games in order for a more “thematic” and “situational” experience to understand the Chinese language.

Music and dance is another platform where Pibo’s aims to expose children to different parts of the world.  Students will be exposed to different genres of music and dance around the globe. Additionally, music helps with their linguistic skills, brain stimulation, and memory. And dance gets kids going on their toes while building their motor skills and self esteem.

Play should be a fundamental part of a child’s education and it also helps to stretch their imagination and development in many aspects. With Pibo’s Garden Playschool’s warm but modern take on education through play, it is definitely an institute that will provide children with a fulfilling and scholastic preschool experience.


Pibo’s Garden Playhouse
Experience magical moments at our Open House with activities such as the Great Rabbit Hunt, self-inflating Magic Balloon, Edible Magic Wand and much more!



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