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Please share objectively about the curriculum, teaching staff, facilities & enrichment activities.
Personal complaints and objections will be removed.

Your email will not be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to remove reviews from non-existent emails.

Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Tampines GreenRidges

by Malcolm - 1 week ago

Infant care teachers need training and learn to control their emotions and shout at the children who are less than 18 months old.


by Vishwas - 3 weeks ago

This centre didn’t give me a good vibe. Staff were too loud. One wore a dress just becos she was fat she bends and you can she everything underneath. No professionalism. Babies were constantly crying no effort was put in to pacify them. Greatly disappointed.


by Cindy - 3 weeks ago

It used to be a good preschool in the middle range with good curriculumn but old dated favilities. Currently very disappointed with them as nothing has changed but they just keep raising the fees unjustifiably (more than 40% among the last 4 yers) while the facilities are still very old, no plyground outside and teachers just keep leaving extremely often. Last announcement is a rise of 17% (15% last year) in the fees with a proce of around 2,200 sgd per month. They are charging similar amount to high rated preschools not offering the same services. It’s a pitty as they will loose their pupils. Very very disappointed. Parents we don’t get such a pay rise in our salaries


by trina - 3 weeks ago

you are the kinderland school in woodlands whose teachers and management have not been honest about the abusive claims made about you towards your students!


by big tan - 4 weeks ago


Ichiban Montessori @ Sengkang 439

by Linda - 4 weeks ago

Ichiban montessori Fernvale has been the best decision for my 2 daughters. They have passionate and patient teachers who mould our daughters beautifully. With their intentional teaching and diligent planning, I saw a great improvement in my daughters' motor skills, thinking and understanding about things around them. Their speech and articulation became gradually so much better with tbe guidance of thekr teachers. Their social interaction with peers and people have also impacted how they grow to understand feelings and emotions in social play context. Well done to all teachers who played such an important role in nurturing young minds. Truly not an easy feat, but it is definitely rewarding!


by Mummy N. - 4 weeks ago

My child has joined the school since Infant Care. The teachers are very friendly, warm and approachable. The school is spacious and airy. My child enjoys school and returns home very happy everyday. Thank you, teachers, for your dedication, love and care towards my child!


by Staff - 1 month ago

The staff is superficial here and there is no system. But the food is good for staff. The curriculum is vague


by anonymous - 1 month ago

Extremely terrible. The teachers will physically abuse your child like pulling their ear, hitting them with objects and etc. I saw one of the teachers using a pole hitting a student's mouth and his teeth dropped out, with the mouth full of blood. Terrible. Furthermore, the food is disgusting, especially the peas. That same student puked it out because it was not his liking and guess what happened? The teacher forced him to eat the vomit. Seriously? That is pure torture. Every day the teachers look down on that student and complain about him. Guess what school he's in now. He is in one of Singapore's top and most prestigious secondary schools. This center is in 528 hougang avenue 6. I would not like to snitch on the teachers and principal because it is not worth it and god tells us to forgive others. But never sign your children up for this childcare center.

Brilliant Tots @ Kensington

by Tyler - 1 month ago

Clean and safe centre with nice outdoor play. Environment is conducive and parents get constant update on the lesson!

Safari House Preschool @ Bukit Batok

by mdm stag - 1 month ago

Not responsive teachers and principle and poor management. The teacher turnover is high, teachers always go on leave, and the children are asked to do coloring, art and craft whole day.


by Jaime Devibar - 1 month ago

Choosing My First Skool at Telok Blangah Heights for our child has been one of the best decisions we've made as parents. The regular updates give us peace of mind and make us feel connected to our child's experiences throughout the day.

My Little Campus (CANBERRA)

by Nur Alijah Beevi - 1 month ago

My niece have been going to My Little Campus (Canberra) for about 5 months. The teachers are amazing, informative and loving. They always communicate and are transparent about everything. My niece loves going to school and have made many new friends. I cannot thank the staffs enough for the amazing care that they have provided. My niece has learned so much from from shapes, to animals, songs, dances, numbers, special events and celebrations and so on the staff is always creating memorable learning that my niece can’t wait to tell me about. My niece enjoys her chinese lesson and shows great interest even though it is not her mother tongue. If you are looking for quality care with a safe and fun environment, then this is the place for you.


by Xing yi - 2 months ago

No workbooks. Different curriculum. Different environment.


by Tino - 2 months ago

Very high staff turnover rate with 3 principals changed in less than 2 years. Teachers employed are like as hoc to make up loss of staffs. Classrooms are aged and dirty. Schedule is not followed with teachers reaching after 830am - other preschool already beginning classes. Marketing itself as best literacy program but I think otherwise. Did not have admin staff but principal doing all the paperwork. No collaboration between teachers and Principal.

Little Treasures Childcare @ Hougang

by Mark - 2 months ago

The school has passionate teachers and staffs. In future if we will have another child, we still send it to this school.


by Lynn - 2 months ago

Not good staff and facilities. Not sure if kids learn anything too.


by Gan - 3 months ago

We appreciate the patience and dedication of the Nursery team in taking care of Wai Kit. Seeing his growth and progress every day is a great joy to us. The nurturing environment that the team has provided gives us peace of mind when we are not with him. We are grateful for the love and care shown towards him. Keep up the excellent work, and thank you for being an essential part of Wai Kit's journey.


by Tracy - 3 months ago

Infant care is actually 2k plus per month before subsidy. This is a lot more than other infant care centres. There has been an occasion when my kid returned with a diaper rash (he cried when I washed his bum when he got home from school) and my kid didn’t have diarrhoea at that time. I think it’s related to lack of timely change of diapers after he pooped but of course there is no way to prove it. Also he was registered as a half day attendance originally with ECDA so we only received half day subsidy, but the base charge was full day.. sounds fishy to me but we are still staying. The drop off is the easiest and safest (nice sheltered area).


by Claudia - 4 months ago

A school of choice! Although Blake is already in Primary School, he still asks about his teachers in Cambridge and if they are fine. Early childhood to me is all about nurturing the foundation of the child, and Blake definitely took away alot of valuable lessons imparted by the caring and all-rounded teachers/aunties in Cambridge! A shoutout to Teacher Joy, Zhao Laoshi, Li Laoshi, Teacher Wendy, Teacher Celeste, Teacher Ria and all teaching and non-teaching staff at the centre! Not forgetting most importantly, the cooking and cleaning aunties! Blake loves the food so much that he always asks for second helpings! Love the safe environment that the school is located in as well, outdoor play is always encouraged for the children.

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre @ Bukit Batok Central

by Wang Xueying Olivia From Sunday 11.15 to 13.15, P4 - 1 week ago

Teacher Affendy , thank you for teaching me English. All thought I don't have any big improvement on English, I am better at spelling! I am very grateful to have you as my teacher. I have so much of fun in your lesson as you sometime tell funny jokes to make us laugh. You sometime make our spelling in to vocabulary to make spelling harder, for dose bad in vocab, like me, it is dam hard. I still try to get as many correct as possible by guessing as you've said "A wrong answer is better than a no answer." By the way , thankyou so much for teaching me English and make us laugh.?

Rocktone Music Chamber

by Anna kwan - 4 weeks ago

Very unprofessional staff that responds unprofessionally and like a child to negative reviews. Puts students down while putting on a fake concerned tone. Not effective at teaching music.

Little Swim School

by Janeson Kingsten - 1 month ago

Small class size. Coach was attentive and engaging. Had hot water shower facility. Bath tubs for babies to shower after class. Lots of parking at the vicinity. School closed down during Covid and couldn't refund our administration fees even though we were not the ones who quitted the school. Minus 2 stars for the management.

Muzart @ West Coast

by Chua kian soon jimmy - 1 month ago

"Mitz Art is a creative wonderland for budding artists like my primary school kids! From vibrant colors to magical brushes, this place sparks pure joy and imagination. The teachers are fantastic, encouraging the kids to explore their artistic flair with endless enthusiasm. My little Picassos have created masterpieces they're proud of, and I couldn't be happier with their growth and confidence in expressing themselves through art. Mitz Art is where creativity comes alive – a delightful haven for young Picassos to unleash their imagination!" ???

I Love Learning Achievement Center @ Jurong

by Karl Joseph szepvolgyi - 2 months ago

This tuition has given me a lot of opportunities and has I'm proved my learning skills quite a few even though I just joined I thing k it deserves a 5 star review to the amount of progress and marks it could earn me for my psle

TML Tuition Shop

by Ryan Chow - 2 months ago

The teacher is amazing, for real. He teaches me life lessons and always supports and cares for us. He has a very unique way of teaching and keeps the class engaging. I was in sec 5 and my grades were f9, my school teachers all gave up on me but Lao shi didn’t. He helped me get A2 for both E math and Science.

LCentral English @ Tampines

by Ms Lee - 2 months ago

Most attentive service team and professional teachers. I love how service team and teacher engage with the students and parent. Especially service team that always have a smile welcoming the students to class. I have enrolled both my children since 2015 and overall I really happy with my decision.

Good School Learning Hub @ Kovan

by Idan Ng Kai jun - 3 months ago

I’m Idan Ng Kai Jun and I am studying in Maha Bodhi School. I got 18/30 for Maths before joining Good School Learning Hub. After joining Good School Learning Hub, I had a better understanding on the Heuristics concept that Mr Zhang had taught and I achieved 22/30 for my latest test. I recommend my friends to join good school as the teachers are caring and will spend time to help us understand if we have any doubts.

MindSpace @ Aranda Country Club (Pasir Ris)

by Stacy - 3 months ago

Teacher are knowledgeable and friendly. The center is beautiful. My son is always happy to go to the center. They very much enjoy their time in school and learning new things each and every day. They participate in a variety of activities and events and enjoy both their teachers and classmates company. They are having a great time and lots of fun too!”

YES Mathematics Tuition Centre

by Resmi - 4 months ago

My daughter didn't improve and the worksheets were mostly undone and not marked. I wanted to quit and get a refund of the advance of 70 dollars, but the tutor insisted that he will not refund, but will take two classes worth the advance. After a few weeks, when I called to get the timing for the promised classes, he practically shouted at me and told its too long already and now he would neither refund the money nor take the promised two classes although he never bothered to mention that there is an expiry for the 'offer" of taking classes for which he has already been paid during any of the previous conversations.

Xu Yiping Music Centre

by Ann Tan - 5 months ago

Xu Yiping Music Centre has won over 60 gold medals in the Singapore Ministry of Education Youth Festival Competition and over a dozen gold medals in international competitions. Students have won more than 50 first, second and third places in competitions organised by the Singapore Arts Council and international competitions.

LCentral English @ Buona Vista

by Sherry - 5 months ago

Everything is great , from super responsive admin to super awesome teacher - 5 stars !

LCentral English @ Buona Vista

by Sheryl - 5 months ago

LCentral has helped both my kids improve their understanding and command of the English language. Kudos to Teacher Aveil for keeping the classes fun and engaging. My kids look forward to classes at LCentral every week!

LCentral English @ Buona Vista

by Clement Ng - 5 months ago

Ever since Nathanael started attending LCentral when the centre just started their operations in 2022, his interest in English had improved tremendously. The interactive curriculum & resources in this new centre has sparked and instilled curiosity and interest in learning English at its best. My son will naturally use new words after each lesson and try to blend new words using the phonics sound. It has promoted self directed learning right from the beginning. It also reinforces the speaking proficiency by including spelling of essential words beyond the level of my son’s age. This has elevated the proficiency by being ahead among the same age group. The dedication and commitment by the teacher, Ms Helen, makes a huge difference in delivering the curriculum at its best. My son looks forward to attend the weekly lessons by Ms Helen. The centre is very clean and spacious. The centre’s colours & TVs are very welcoming too. The service staffs are attentive to my requests as well. They will listen attentively to our requests and try their best to answer every questions and needs for the past 1 year. I’ll strongly recommend this centre to any parents who wants their children to learn English at an early age.

Cleverland Tutorial Centre @ Tampines

by Mr Ng - 5 months ago

Excellent and passionate teachers... nice admin. Appreciate the care for my child.

Cleverland Tutorial Centre @ Tampines

by Mrs Lim - 6 months ago

My 2 children are have been taking Math and Science tuition classes with this centre for the last 6 years. Thanks much to the nice teachers as I have personally witnessed how my children so well under their care and guidance over the years. Would recommend this centre to anyone who needs caring and passionate teachers.

Tropics Language School

by Terokayui - 6 months ago

Teroka yui is twisted. Teroka yui is a terrible kid.

Cleverland Tutorial Centre @ Tampines

by Josefin - 6 months ago

Nice ambiance. Lessons are engaging and my child really likes her teachers here. Recommended.

Happy Tutors Learning Centre @ Jurong West

by Visalan - 6 months ago

The tutors here are really patient and helped me improve tremendously in my O level studies. I was really unmotivated to learn and thought I would do badly, but my mom pushed me to attend a few subjects' tuition classes here. I ended up doing pretty well for my results overall.

Oxley Education Centre

by Mdm Yee - 7 months ago

Not recommended. With the price given, Ou can get better help from other centres and engage private tutor. Tutors there are not professional. Late, didn't mark homework and using phones during lessons.