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Please share objectively about the curriculum, teaching staff, facilities & enrichment activities.
Personal complaints and objections will be removed.

Your email will not be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to remove reviews from non-existent emails.


by Stephanie - 3 days ago

Very good and experienced teachers whom are very caring and attentive. Placed both my kids there feeling really assured and at ease. My girl became more well behaved after attending school here. All the kids there are very well disciplined, I believe it is because of the teacher’s great disciplinary skills. ??????


by Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

I did an attachment at this centre before. Staff was really rude and unfriendly honestly quite a disappointment. Principal wasn’t nice either. She told me to reconsider my decision to be in the early childhood industry, which was really unnecessary and discouraging for someone who just started out and would like to be in the sector. Honestly Super bad impression of this centre


by zhen lin and qian le - 2 weeks ago

hi qian le and zhen lin do you have a nice school today?


by Chang Liu - 1 month ago

Our son Manu had a marvelous time at Leap Schoolhouse. We visited several other schools before, but were immediately convinced that Leap was the right choice for us because of the relaxed atmosphere and the warm and cheerful teachers. Children have loads of fun while learning and the teachers truly have attention for more than only cognitive learning. They also learn important life skills such as creativity and healthy living. Kids are respected and encouraged in a positive and loving way. Their independence is trained which boosts their confidence. Location is very convenient at City Square Mall. The energetic miss Esther Lim leads the school with vision and passion. If you want your child to have a balanced, joyful and multi-faceted early learning experience, LEAP Schoolhouse is a great option.


by Charmaine - 1 month ago

My kids have been attending MapleBear Toa Payoh since 2017 and they love it. The Principal is a very nice lady who is very experienced, my kids' teachers are also very caring and passionate. I get very regular updates on their developments in school via a MapleBear App on my mobile phone and communication is very open between the teachers and us. My kids totally love the huge indoor playground and trampoline park.


by Happy Mummy - 1 month ago

A cosy centre that provides homely feeling. We like that the teachers are approachable and friendly. They update the parents regularly via various platforms. We also like to see the children playing at the playground/outdoor in the afternoon during pick up times. Good Parents and teachers interaction too.

Jolly Owl Schoolhouse @ Woodlands

by Jian Hao - 1 month ago

The school helps prepare my child for P1 academically. Also teach them to be independent and bold in primary school too - he was able to give his own graduation speech in English and Chinese on stage during the year end concert!

Cherie Hearts Preschool (MacPherson)

by Lee Yeow Leng - 2 months ago

Best preschool in this area.. 15 years in operation serving kallang sector/Aljunied/Macpherson areas.


by Jessy - 3 months ago

Hi..I like this preschool curriculam bcoz of teaching method. Teachers are very dedicated and service oriended..I ll recommend this pre-school..

Wee Care Kindergarten @ Tanglin

by Nikita B - 3 months ago

The best kindergarten ever, without a doubt. I fondly remember my vivid memories and they always put a smile on my face. Wee Care really helped me in my times of need and for that, I am forever grateful. They gave me the foundation levels I needed that played a massive role in shaping who I am and how far I have come today. The teachers never once reprimanded us if we did something incorrectly or tried something we didn't know how to do. I recall being tremendously tired during school one day and I had great difficulty in staying awake. To my surprise, the teachers did not make me feel bad about it even for one moment. Instead, the brought over some pillows for me to rest on as well as a little blanket and told me to sleep for as long as I felt like. When I woke up I felt refreshed, energized and ready to seize the day. Wee Care taught me to respect everyone I interacted with, to be safe and had the most engaging teaching way which has taught me to enjoy reading, writing, learning, exploring and many more. I am still in awe of what a fantastic job Wee Care has done for me. It is in a convenient location and is easy to access. They have the best facilities and I remember that 'High 5' was even called to the school! I had some of the best times in Wee Care that I will never forget. Thank you for helping me put myself out there and for making me strong.


by Dee - 4 months ago

The principal was rude and unpleasant. The first impression was so bad and not welcoming at all by the school principal and makes you wait too long while she still sat down in her office. While attending to you she was online with someone personally. It's ridiculous the school policy(the only childcare ctr required caregiver or parent to sit in with the child half a day for 3 consecutive days. The policy issues are making the child not to let go and expect parent or caregiver to always be with them for the fourth day onwards... Then expect parent/caregiver to take leave just for half-day then the center wants to pay our salary for that half-day sit-in class?


by Saeidah Abu Bakar - 4 months ago

My daughter joined since she was 18 months old (playgroup). She is in K1 now, Ms Fidzah (the principal) and her team is a God Sent. I’m proud of my daughter’s development. Her social skill and academic achievement is commendable. I owe it to the teachers' commitment and lesson plan. PTC is one of my important dates with the teacher. We discussed issues on social and academic as well as how to cope with my daughter's emotional changes and her relationship with her friends. Teacher is always warm and approachable and yet professional. I am grateful and hope my daughter will always remember her Teachers even after she graduated.


by Michael - 4 months ago

Witness the daycare staff rough handling of children.

Far Eastern Kindergarten

by Joyce Too - 4 months ago

. My biggest regret was sending my girl to Far Eastern only at K1. Had I known what a wonderful school this was I would have enrolled her for pre-nursery. If you are looking for a commercialised cookie cutter school that runs like a machine, this school is not for you. First thing you would notice is there is only one class per year for morning and afternoon sessions despite the vast space the school ground occupies. The children also do not wear name tags because all the teachers and even parent volunteers know the children by name within the first week of school. Every child is treated with great love and care. At the end of the our first year, we really felt like FEK was like a second home. My child especially loved being involved in the year end musical. It is a big production that really stretched the children to work together. They spend weeks memorising their lines and songs and until now, months after graduating from FEK my girl is still watching the musical dvd and missing all her friends. I know being part of something so big made her very proud to be in Fek. I want to especially mention the principal Mrs Ang and staff. It's the first time i see so much involvement of the teachers in planning every major event. You can see for them it's more than a job, it's a ministry. I am so thankful that my child's formidable years was spent in such a nuturing environment that helped shaped her character. She was so happy to be in school every single day and as a parent, that really warms my heart. I highly recommend this excellent school.


by Patricia Koh - 4 months ago

SuperGenius also has a solid Chinese Language curriculum. After my boy joined for a few months, he could read some words and even initiated to play Chinese words cards with me. When i picked out a card that says 雨, my boy could even tell me if add the 令 below, it will below 零 means zero. He could even name all the strokes of Chinese characters. The effectiveness of SuperGenius curriculum that pique a child’s interest in the subject and the learning speed is simply amazing!!!


by Jodi Chime - 4 months ago

My child is so much happier in this school now since changes was made after our comment and feedback. He’s now enjoying his time in school, and has been sharing so much about school when he comes back. I’ve compared this centre’s learning materials with another enrichment school- the Maths and English materials by their K2 teacher is good. My child is also able to memorise hanyu pinyin less than a year’s time learning under the teacher.


by Leong - 5 months ago

Not to review on academic, but the staffs in this school does not even possible basic sympathy and kindness. What a shame.


by Elaine Ng Friis - 5 months ago

Superland Tiong Bahru is an excellent preschool. We chose it because of its Montessori curriculum they have daily. Besides practical life, the children get to work with the different Montessori materials for Maths and language as well. The teacher teaching and guiding the children is Montessori-trained. I observed that the children were enjoying working on the Montessori materials. The preschool has great facilities, but also an inviting feel to it and makes one feels at home. It has an outdoor playground and outdoor basketball court. It is conveniently located 10 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru MRT station. The staff there are very friendly and caring. For example, I have noticed that they are attentive also to promoting the health of the kids and inculcating good healthy habits. For example, they will urge the children to drink water on a regular basis. The lunch they provide is also very nutritious. The principal Samantha gave a very informative tour of the preschool, taking you through and explaining all the various rooms and facilities of the preschool. The staff listen to your wishes and needs. They take into consideration the classes that parents prefer. In the class that my daughter attended, I am very impressed with the kids. The kids are very well-behaved. They look happy and seem to enjoy learning and playing. I give Teacher Tiara credit for nurturing such wonderful class atmosphere, with lots of love and care, that the children model after. Overall, there is a very positive atmosphere in the preschool, and we have been very happy there.


by Vanessa Acuna - 5 months ago

I enrolled my son in K2 at Superland Ganges. I am extremely impressed with my son's Teacher, Huiyun, enthusiastic and so so loving. The Principal Isabel is always approachable, willing to help and very caring. The facilities are wonderful, spacious, with natural light and they have an outdoor park. I have pop in several times without notification and everything was run as I would expect. I saw some negative reviews online which I find very unfair to a team that its doing their best every day. For anyone considering Superland Ganges an an option, go and try it, you wont be dissapointed. Thank you Superland Ganges' team for the great work!


by Ms Chen - 5 months ago

Staff does not check the child's communication book and a daily basis. Comments and queries written by parent in the comm book were not replied to nor acknowledged by teacher. Staff turnover is quite high and parents were not notified till after the teacher has left the school. School fees tend to increase about 2 to 3 years.

Winshire Education Centre (Bedok South Branch)

by Jocelyn - 1 day ago

Poor teaching skills. Charge highly for materials fees. Materials were actually photostated from assessment books. Teacher dozed off during teaching. Didn't know how to teach the student's school homework. During the zooms lesson, another teacher off her video and allow all other students to off the screen while teaching. So it's like facing a black screen when u attended the zoom lessons. No management will ever appear to settle your unhappiness. All queries and complaints were handled by the terrible customer service counter girl, Ms Wong.

Winshire Education Centre

by . - 1 day ago

Poor teaching skills. Charge highly for materials fees. Materials were actually photostated from assessment books. Teacher dozed off during teaching. Didn't know how to teach the student's school homework. During the zooms lesson, another teacher off her video and allow all other students to off the screen while teaching. So it's like facing a black screen when u attended the zoom lessons. No management will ever appear to settle your unhappiness. All queries and complaints were handled by the terrible customer service counter girl, Ms Wong.

InstanTuition @ Tampines

by Lucas - 1 week ago

This place has flexible timing depending on your schedule, they also allow me to bring drinks and food to make me feel comfortable. The tution center is somewhat like one on one where he will come to your assistance when you need him. I currently taking math and science (phy&chem), Mr Cheok has help me with studying easier by giving an easy therory to understand the formulas and what they are used for. I would highly recommend to study here I you are planning to find a place to get tutioned on.

Newcastle Education Centre

by Richard - 1 month ago

I have been with this tuition centre for some time, my experience with the admin staff have been good. They are friendly and approachable. The facilities are also reasonably decent. They have proper visualisers and projectors which is useful for teaching and learning. However, I find that this centre lack original curriculum content. This centre used off the shelf assessment books and photocopied practice papers. The turnover rate of tutors in my experience is also quite a concern. Feel that things can be improved.

Cristofori Music School @ Bedok Point

by Gideon - 1 month ago

Good Music Centre to learn music . Teachers teach very nicely with patience and interest . Kids love to learn music .

Smart Link Tuition Centre

by Chapalon - 2 months ago

My daughter wanted to withdraw after 1 month but the fierce and unreasonable lady owner insisted that another 1 month notice was needed. Many terms and clauses were not mentioned when I signed up the class for my daughter. My advise is to avoid such dubious and shaddy tuition center

Smart Link Tuition Centre

by Abc - 2 months ago

Worst tuition centre I have encountered. The lady owner running the center is there to maximize profits by squeezing tutors and teachers while continue to provide lousy services.

Kent Ridge Education @Downtown East

by Mrs D Wee - 2 months ago

Mr Richard Ong is one of the best Science teacher. My girl in P5 is learning happily and very interested in Science because of this teacher. He is committed. He is interested in his students. He is responsible. 5stars for him!

Beijing Language School @ Sengkang

by Venice Teo - 2 months ago

Their teachers are very professional! My daughter starts learning in Beijing since the age of 5. She scored A distinction in her PSLE last year. The counter staffs are also very friendly and responsible. Highly recommended.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Jess - 2 months ago

Therapist has very good rapport with my child and looks forwards to meeting her before every session. My child has made good progress since therapy started.

Eduwise Language School

by Shulan - 3 months ago

Ex NIE Chinese teachers who are willing to the extra mile to let children want to study Chinese. Small class size and no extra charges for weekend class.

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

by Helen Suhendi - 3 months ago

Thanks to the teachers at YUQUAN for their guidance and patience which enable our daughter achieved big improvement in her Chinese & got good result for her PSLE. She joined YUQUAN only from Feb, she was in P6, she got only 9 months till her PSLE she got A for her PSLE, a big jump from D. YUQUAN Teachers not only gave her tips on how to tackle questions well, use the correct phrase in writing, they always motivated her, encouraged her, and believed in her which helped her build her confidence and got the mark she worked hard for. Highly Recommended!

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

by Stephine Tan - 3 months ago

My son enjoys his lessons there, interactive and engaging Teachers

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

by doreen lim - 3 months ago

I send my boys to Yuquan Parkway branch since they started P1. Special thanks to hu lao shi & zhang lao shi for helping my elder boy to maintain the good results. And thankful to gao lao shi for her dedicated care to my younger boy in learning.

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

by Tracy Shi Yu Zhu - 3 months ago

I recommend this school to those children who doesn’t like learning Chinese because their teachers are very helpful and use an interesting method to teach my 2 kids who improve a lot in Chinese, especially thanks to Teacher Hu who is very professional and helpful ?? Thank you very much

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

by Bryan tung - 3 months ago

Had seen and notice the improvement made by my kiddo after swapping him from the other tuition centre to Yuquan. Quite encouraging on the progress made by my Kiddo. 突飞猛进的成绩。

Yuquan Language School @ Parkway Centre

by Hello There - 3 months ago

It's honestly a very good place to go for a Chinese tuition. Been here since p1 and it's helped me get to higher chinese.the teachers there are very nice and help me a lot with my studies.

Yuquan Language School @ Coronation Plaza

by Heidi Yeo - 3 months ago

Yuquan language school focuese on cultivating children's interest in chinese.and make children like chinese. With yuquan,children are more and more like mandarin.

Yuquan Language School @ Coronation Plaza

by Gabriel Aw - 3 months ago

I had lots of fun learning new Chinese composition methods.

Yuquan Language School @ Coronation Plaza

by SengHuat Lew - 3 months ago

Yuquan has a conducive environment for learning Chinese. All the Chinese teachers are patient and dedicated to teach young children to learn the language properly.