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Please share objectively about the curriculum, teaching staff, facilities & enrichment activities.
Personal complaints and objections will be removed.

Your email will not be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to remove reviews from non-existent emails.


by Kim Tan - 2 days ago

My child joined Little Fairyland (LFL) midway during K1. When he graduated K2, he was well prepared for P1. I am very pleased. It is a well-balanced school, not just academically but character building and current affairs application on typical issues for a holistic preschool approach. I get regular updates and photos via the Little Family app and always get prompt reply. The staffs are warm, friendly and passionate. The centre is clean and well maintained. The children always enjoy the yummy food cooked by the in-house chef. There is also a good mix of enrichment and outdoor activities.


by G - 3 weeks ago

Such childcare, with no activities given not up to date software unlike other childcare wheres every week updates of kids activities. Or even upcoming mother days activities also not teached to the kids. Like simple drawing or photo taking or anything else. Yet school fees were higher then others care centre, uniform also so much higher then other care centre. Even way before in the infant-care when wanna pick up my kid even can see the teacher sleep while sitting down. ?

Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Yishun Orchid Spring

by M - 3 weeks ago

Staff was rude. Teacher wasn't friendly or gently with kids


by samantha - 1 month ago

nice teachers that are responsible and takes care of children well. The classes are easily understandable and is a good preparation for primary school. The centre hosts events for performance and have activities that can teach your child a new skill.


by Jas - 1 month ago

Horrible school with terrible management. Principal Hema and vice-principal Jocelyn are next level unprofessional with constant badmouthing of parents and teachers. They dont care about child's well being


by Denise - 1 month ago

Sent my daughter here to preschool and I would say that I am loving the school! The curriculum is just what I am looking for with Chinese and English language in school as well as IT and Montessori practices. The school may look small from the outside but the inside is amazing with 2 playgrounds/play areas for the kids. This took my breath away.


by Wak Lia Pengpeng - 2 months ago

Playgroup class.Lately my son has always come home with mosquito bites, sometimes he has blue bruises on his body. What I want to ask is why there are so many mosquitoes in the school? And how does the teacher take care of my son until he often has blue bruises on his body??If this continues, I will probably transfer my son to another school.


by Fanny - 2 months ago

Curriculum is age appropriate and teachers are generally kind and caring. One down side is their administrative and finance departments are in a mess. They log in payments using a logbook and do not issue receipts on the spot. I had an incident in 2019 with them that came back to bite me still up till today. I have always been prompt with payments but one day, they told me they missed out one month’s collection (prob like 6 months ago) so my most recent months’ payment are then one month lagging. ie May payment was for April, April was for March, etc etc until the missing month. 2 years after we left the school, the “credit department” sent me an SMS demanding for payment or risk legal fees borne by myself. You can try out this school for the environment and teachers, just keep your own records of payments. If anyone has such incidents, feel free to contact me and let’s see what we can do.


by Tony Ritter - 3 months ago

This school doesn't even allow parents to support their children during the first days. Even when solutions were provided such as taking ART tests every morning, they refused to let the parents support their child. The only things they said is you have to trust us. After asking questions for a contact of a higher manager, the school principal just hung up. This school is obviously not very professional. The new students must be terrified without their parents during the first few days.


by Rizi - 3 months ago

Worst school ever had.very unprofessional teacher and also teacher has no qualification to be a teacher.


by DESMOND - 3 months ago



by Dissatisfied Parent - 4 months ago

The Admin is horrible, they will lose your paperwork and blame it on you. They talk to you very rudely like you’re their friend. Programme-wise, the teachers are very lacking in activity updates, or sending you photos of your child at school. You have to stand outside in the scorching sun and fiddle through files to write down your child’s attendance and such, while other schools use apps for check in and check out. After changing my child’s school, I see a huge difference. I do not recommend Huda Childcare at all.


by ana - 4 months ago



by Jlee - 4 months ago

This child care is the worst childcare we’ve been through as the school system really disappoints us. From the time my daughter was exposed to covid positive case in the center, all directives was late. There’s also an incident that the carer mislook that my baby had a tie on her leg which left a mark until I fetch my baby and the hair tie was there like a torniquet. Lastly, until we transfer our daughter to another childcare, the brilliant tots causing delay of deduction of childcare fee from my daughter’s cda acct and until now we are waiting thus our deposit also is delay to be release.


by Edwin and Janice - 4 months ago

Great teachers caring for the children! Photos were uploaded frequently onto MyFirstSkool portal so we are updated on the activities that my toddler undergo. Also, they did their best to help my child transit into the school environment. I'm very glad that my toddler is well taken care of by both Teacher Vivian and Zhang Lao Shi! Thank you very much and have a nice day! Best Regards


by Vikneswary - 4 months ago

excellent care by teachers and wonderful learning environment.


by Tanya Ong - 4 months ago

Grateful to the team at Little Footprints @ Kent Ridge for taking care of my daughter who was enrolled from infant care - playgroup. The teachers and staff are very caring and attentive and constantly kept me updated on her progress and condition in school. My daughter adjusted very quickly to the full day childcare programme and often looked forward to going to school each morning. I especially appreciated the attention given to her as she transitioned from infant care to playgroup and how her infant care teachers continued to look out for her and interact with her. The safe and warm environment provided by the school gave us much needed peace of mind knowing that she was being well looked after.


by Mummy2021 - 5 months ago

I'd strongly recommend parents against this centre. I had a terrible experience here. Sent my child for 2 days (for an hour each) and my child came back with nappy rash. Teachers are not receptive to the tips you give to adapt to your child. Overall, I wouldn't recommend. We withdrew our child after that.

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Zhenghua Blk 528 (KN)

by Nur ahad - 5 months ago

for my daughter's school yes ok okay o.k ? ?


by Mrs Chung - 6 months ago

The staff are very caring and responsible. My 2 children are from the centre. They use thematic approach and project base to teach the children . They organised alot of fun activities for children

PlayFACTO @ Punggol Oasis

by Shirley - 4 days ago

The teachers there are kind and well trained you can feel that the teachers at PlayFACTO School student care genuinely care for the children instead of "just doing their job". They are patient and provide daily updates and feedbacks on my son which I very much appreciate. On top of daily school work for my son, they also pay attention to his moral and well being. I highly recommend PlayFACTO School @ Oasis Student care centre and i would like to thanks all teachers for the patience towards my son.

Kumon @ City Square

by Rei Sen - 1 month ago

Thank you for giving me such easy math and english homework

Stalford Learning Centre @ Tiong Bahru

by Qietingfengyin - 1 month ago

Very good teachers! The location is fantastic, just above the train stn.

Smart Link Tuition Centre

by Unknown - 2 months ago

Super bad Do not put your kid in the Science class the teacher is very strict and scolds the kids for no reason horrible Tution centre

Newcastle Education Centre

by Nicole Tan - 4 months ago

Worst employer ever. Please be warned about this shady tuition centre. Staff aren't allowed to leave the company or resign even with valid medical reasons, they will ask staff to pay 12k if you break the contract. u Such heartless people. GM Kwang and wife Ms Lim. Do not patronize this type of business that makes money by cheating employees, Make money but no quality education is provided to students. Parent, you observe your children's performance.

LCentral English Buona Vista

by Tan - 4 months ago

Very professional counter staff at the new buona vista centre. I thought he is a teacher as he was so familiar with how and what will be taught.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by AMY KOEY - 5 months ago

i rated FULL stars as this is the only ABA therapy centre that i approached since Sep 2021 when my son was suspected ASD by KKH Child Development Dept, firstly Li Zhuang came to make initial assessment, our boy were lack of eye contact, keep mumbling and talking in his own language (all bout his favorite movies Paw Patrol and Numberblocks) , not answering us when we call him , unable to express himself and tantrums etc.. LZ told both of us that cut screen time for him would usually help.. and it really does! And we started 1.5hours session , twice session per week, she told us Junior Therapist will be good enough for our boy, therefore we tried. I personally think that this is the best decision we made ever in 2021! Teacher Tiffany was appointed to teach our 3 years old boy, for almost 3 months already since our first lesson in Sep 2021 , our boy showed significant improvement and i really can't see much of autism traits in him now. He is well taught and a lot of practices we gone through together, especially on expressing what he want, manding with 'I want XXX.....' I want strawberry'.....Forgot to mentioned, during the classes.. Our little one often/sometimes throw tantrums or having some behavorior issues, Teacher Tiffany never get angry and very patience to little one..Im so sorry as i know its never easy for teachers to handle kids like this..i saw my little one angry and pull Teacher's hair or kicking when he's throwing tantrum. Thanks a lot Teacher Tiffany and keep it up your hardwork! I really appreciated your love and patience towards my boy! <3

Summerville Language Centre

by Mrs Lena Sim - 5 months ago

My 3 children aged 5 to 9 study at Summerville. Fees are reasonable and they enjoy their lessons. They look forward to their lessons every week. Content is very good and I like that there is progress. Keep up the good work.


by Sonzal Bali - 6 months ago

Very good teacher's.They guided my daughter well.She became more confident in Maths after joining this centre.Special thanks to Ruby teacher for patiently listening to me and handling my daughter well.


by Jaspreet Kaur - 6 months ago

Amazing teachers who commit their time, patience and energy wholeheartedly to their students. They go beyond their duties and support the kids and parents in this learning journey. They have great rapport with their students and always provide parents with regular feedback and tips on how to help their kids at home.

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre @ Marine Parade

by Mrs. Lee - 6 months ago

Ms. Elina from MindStrecher Marine Parade has taken extra steps to help my son in teaching him his composition tips and extra. Her excellent teaching has improved his PSLE English result tremendously, Ms. Elina is a great teacher with patience and a kind heart. Strongly recommended.

iMatter Learning Centre @ Yishun

by Wendy Wong - 6 months ago

My son went for science tuition at Imatter and was taught by Mr Chen, he is kind and patients, after having tuition, my son science from fail in his school prelim exam to a AL 6 for his PSLE. Thks for all the guidance, appreciate.


by Aditi sandhu - 6 months ago

Excellent Teachers especially Ms Ruby and Ms Rakhi. The patiently handled my daughter doubts and moods also :)

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Deseree Wong - 7 months ago

Since 2019, I have engaged home therapy service from Healis. My daughter was diagnosed with ASD since 4 years old. She had center-based ABA therapy from 4-12 years old with a well known international ABA therapy center. My child had tremendous improvements with the 8 years intensive early intervention. However ABA therapy is very expensive. After leaving the center, I tried some self-claimed ABA therapists who charged a much cheaper rate but I was not satisfied with the therapy result. For those therapists whom can offer similar therapy result, they charge an even higher hourly rate than that famous ABA center. But Healis is very affordable and can offer comparable ABA therapy to my child. My child is 16 years old soon. I still can see improvement in her academic , behavior and daily life skill with Healis intervention, so I plan to continue their therapy with my child for as long as I can afford.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by C’era tamang - 7 months ago

I have been doing therapy in healis for a month my son has changed tremendously he was quiet reserved but now after the therapy he has improved he is more out of the shell he hasn’t verbalised yet but he is showing signs of improvement I’m thankful for the whole team and ESP Tiffany for changing my son ❤️

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Nithya Nagarajan - 7 months ago

The best part of the curriculum is the organising, the whole team is in touch with you to note down the progress of the child point by point. Activities by the therapist are loved my son and he always looks forward for the session. Highly recommended.

Winshire Education Centre

by Joel - 7 months ago

The teachers generate enthusiasm among the students and get them to participate discussion proactively.

Vienna Music School @Seletar Mall

by Felicia - 7 months ago

Female boss is very rude and disrespectful. Center has a strange smell too.

Cristofori Music School @ Downtown East

by sam - 7 months ago

Good teacher there and happy with the service so far!

Kumon @ Parkway Parade

by Shruthi Bhandary - 7 months ago

Very factory-like experience. The Centre Head is also rude and rather dismissive of kids as well as parents.