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Please share objectively about the curriculum, teaching staff, facilities & enrichment activities.
Personal complaints and objections will be removed.

Your email will not be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to remove reviews from non-existent emails.


by Uma - 19 hours ago

Both my kids studied in this school. One of the best schools in woodlands. Teachers stay long term.. the staff are very kind and patient. Most importantly the kids love to attend school. They have water play, story time, gardening, out door play and alot of performances. Builds confidence in every kid. Thank you PRS for the happy journey.

Picket Fence @ Macpherson Preschool (managed by Brainy Bee Junior Education Pte Ltd)

by jia - 4 days ago

Police report make against the rough handling toward my girl. Be aware of this school, irresponsible management


by Sagara - 1 month ago

I would like to share our experience with this pre school within 5 months duration.The most bad thing is, Many of items get lost when my kid came back home. Ex: socks, pants,... when we asked, school does not know and ignore it. But next day when we need , have to buy. Teachers are very careless on their duties.But later I sent my child to SparkleTots I feel the big difference and improvement of my child. There is no item has been lost for 2years.


by Daphnie - 1 month ago

Principle not open heart to receiving feedback from parents. Teachers and principal preferably one way communication. Nice written quoted working closely with parents in reality it is not happen .


by Rose - 1 month ago

I would like to express my appreciation for your excellent work caring for my child. The difference you are making in her growth is immeasurable. Thank you for making a difference for my child's development. We have seen much improvements ever since she started school there. Place is great with small class ratio. This enables the kids get all the attention needed. I would recommend this place to everyone with little ones.

Safari House Preschool @ Bukit Timah

by Amelea - 1 month ago

Poor management. Principal not responsive at all.


by Sandy - 2 months ago

Rough handling of kids, teachers seems to have no patience. The way they handle the kids is very inappropriate.


by Nur - 2 months ago

Last year school was so much better. There is a change of principal this year and the new one is so unapproachable. Previous principal Ms uva was really good. She keeps us updated. But now nothing and school is dirty and cluttered

Mulberry @ Jurong East

by Dionne - 3 months ago

Simply love the curriculum of Mulberry Learning. The curriculum is very comprehensive and cater to the needs of a growing preschool child.


by Ong Ai Weig - 3 months ago

My child has been attending the infant care at Blk210 Sparkle tot. I am really grateful to the teachers esp the primary and secondary teachers attached to him. They are dedicated and takes good care of him while he was a baby till about 17-18mths. This is evident when my son looks eager and happy whenever they receive him at door when he goes to school. The school is also sincere in responding to parent's concerns and requests. We enjoyed the various activities planned including activities that involves parents. As my son transits to playgroup, I look forward to knowing more teachers and for him to enjoy school, making friends and learning from others.


by james - 3 months ago

i wanted to put my child in this infantcare but the staff attitude was very bad got no professional at all and her attitude was not very impolite too even asking for contact number she can tell me to ownselfg go google it out.... what kind of service can we get from this place ...


by Talia C - 3 months ago

My daughter was in this school. Playgroup. Start work just for 1 month, She came back home with bruises everywhere. Head swollen, Those bruises was in the inner thighs areas. We called police and investigation going on and school did not inform parents any anything at all, they are just push the responsibility away.

NAFA Arts Preschool @ Bencoolen

by Yup - 3 months ago

Teachers kept leaving and changing. And my child kept having to adapt to new teaching staff and seems like no plans to improve hiring. I'm not sure what or how to feel about this.

Adventist Schoolhouse @ Jurong East

by Melissa - 3 months ago

The teachers are very loving towards my two children! Will definitely recommend this school to more of my friends

GUG Preschool @ Thomson

by Helen Tan - 4 months ago

All my four children grew up with GUG which is a testimony of the faith I have in the GUG curriculum. Darrel, my youngest child, is in K2 and like all his siblings, love the school. Teachers are caring and encouraging. They know the children well. Through the curriculum, Darrel is able to read well, has an inquisitive mind and is a confident communicator. He is also taught to respect and be kind to others. I am happy with his development. I see consistency in the high quality of the school experience as observed in the positive behavioural traits and academic achievement in all my four children. Thank you GUG!

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bedok Blk 30 (DS)

by Cia - 4 months ago

Worst school,worst staff and management and totally a demotivating environment. You can as well keep kids at home instead of sending them here


by nad - 4 months ago

unprofessional teachers. Shouting, aggressive towards children


by Poh Ying Xia - 4 months ago

The Montessori curriculum offered by Sunny Bunny did wonders. My son used to hate his school, but ever since he joined Sunny Bunny, he has been enjoying school every day. He has become more independent and is able to express himself so much better. The most amazing thing is that he has started speaking Mandarin as well. The daily 1-1 sessions with the teachers have given him the attention that he requires since he is a little delayed on development. One of the best decision I have ever made - changing his school and sending him to Sunny Bunny.

The Orange Academy @ Yishun

by KianAli - 4 months ago

I was apprehensive as there is no digital data about orange .. but my kid has been going there for a semester now and I can see the improvement. Being a foreigner I must saythey are very calm and patient to my child’s need . The method they teach is mostly through playing methods . Overall good experience. This one is in Yishun


by Clare - 5 months ago

The teachers are wonderfully kind, warm and responsive to the kids. They acknowledge that each child grows at their own pace and help them to progress to the best of their abilities.

Cleverland Tutorial Centre@Tampines Main Branch

by Mrs Lim - 3 days ago

My 2 children are have been taking Math and Science tuition classes with this centre for the last 6 years. Thanks much to the nice teachers as I have personally witnessed how my children so well under their care and guidance over the years. Would recommend this centre to anyone who needs caring and passionate teachers.

Tropics Language School

by Terokayui - 1 week ago

Teroka yui is twisted. Teroka yui is a terrible kid.

Cleverland Tutorial Centre@Tampines Main Branch

by Josefin - 2 weeks ago

Nice ambiance. Lessons are engaging and my child really likes her teachers here. Recommended.

Happy Tutors Learning Centre @ Jurong West

by Visalan - 3 weeks ago

The tutors here are really patient and helped me improve tremendously in my O level studies. I was really unmotivated to learn and thought I would do badly, but my mom pushed me to attend a few subjects' tuition classes here. I ended up doing pretty well for my results overall.

Oxley Education Centre

by Mdm Yee - 3 weeks ago

Not recommended. With the price given, Ou can get better help from other centres and engage private tutor. Tutors there are not professional. Late, didn't mark homework and using phones during lessons.

Agape Music School @ Hougang

by SWei - 1 month ago

An excellent place to learn music and teachers are very encouraging and patient. My son enjoy his piano learning at the school and looking forward to his piano lesson weekly.??

LCentral English @ Serangoon Central

by Senthil - 1 month ago

We have been extremely pleased with the progress and education our children have received at LCentral, Singapore. Our two boys have joined LCentral in 2018,  one of them in the “Foundations” Course and other one in the “Launchpad” programme,  Both of them progressed well over the years through Liftoff and Success Programmes. Now they are in Success 2 and Success 3 programmes respectively. The courses structure is aligned to the demands of the primary school syllabus and the course content are well rounded covering oral (Reading/phonics & conversation), comprehension, vocabulary & grammar as well as composition or creative writing. The teachers are native speakers. Our children are fortunate benefiting from these highly skilled and dedicated teachers. They excel in providing individualised attention and support for our child's needs. Over the years, LCentral continues to bring innovations such as  360 class room, interactive online learning Classin and recently a creative writing handbook. With the curriculum which is challenging and stimulating, our children have seen a significant improvement in his English language abilities. We highly recommend LCentral to other parents seeking quality English language instruction for their children.

Writers Studio @ Bukit Timah

by Sussy baka - 1 month ago

Pass student from Writers Studio, after 3 years in this school I have achieved my A1 for English for my O-levels. While I won't say that I achieved my A1 solely because of this tuition centre, the teachers here still helped me alot

My Masterclass Education @ Upper Thomson

by jeropm - 2 months ago

great tuition, good materials and good tutors with great referral rewards but theres no such thing as a free lunch in the word and they dont tell you the catch in the system. each student pays a deposit and the make you automatically continue for the next year after so if you want to withdraw you have to tell them 4 lessons prior or else top up for the 4 lessons or forfeit the $100 deposit. And nobody actually tells you about it so it’s quite a scam also.

Indigo Centre for Economics Learning

by apapoondeh - 2 months ago

great tuition, good materials and good tutors with great referral rewards but theres no such thing as a free lunch in the word and they dont tell you the catch in the system. each student pays a deposit and the make you automatically continue for the next year after so if you want to withdraw you have to tell them 4 lessons prior or else top up for the 4 lessons or forfeit the $100 deposit. And nobody actually tells you about it so it’s quite a scam also.

X-Factor! Quotient Academy

by WILLIAM TING - 2 months ago

Small but great school! I saw my kid's life transformed after he stepped into TLS Academy. He is developed holistically. He has since graduated and now studying in a top university in Canada

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre @ Balmoral

by apapoondeh - 2 months ago

Teachers are mid. Price is expensive but my child didn't learn much and didnt give good reviews about it. He didnt score well in his end exam either

I Can Read @ Novena

by FC - 2 months ago

I didn’t have a good experience with the center. I enrolled my child for almost a year and there was no parent communications, I didn’t get any updates on the progress at all and was not given any info on progression next steps for P1 prep. When I withdraw my child and stated the above reasons, the center made no attempts to rectify the situation and accepted the withdrawal.

Wolfgang Violin Studio @Robertson Walk

by Wang - 2 months ago

The studio doesn't care for their students. In just 3 years, my daughter changed 4 teachers which caused her to gradually lose interest in violin . In the latest incident, they simply pushed the blame to the teacher who left for breaching his contract. No word was mentioned about the teacher's departure, but tried to just gleen over it asking to try out another teacher for a supposed make up lesson and yet they kept pressing me to pay up the fees for the new term. This incident was the last straw and i decided to withdraw my daughter from the studio. Asked about the refunds but was told the next day that the school has a no-refund policy of any unused fees after the notice period. Instead they tried to persuade me to let my daughter finish up the term with yet ANOTHER teacher. And their so-called escalation to Mrs Lee was simply "she will reach out to me". There isn't a single decency for Mrs Lee to call me when requested but instead she sent text messages instead. Whats worse, she assumed that she can sweep the matter under the carpet by informing me that she is taking over the classes. Her actions are just not justifiable. Utterly disappointed with the overall experience. For parents thinking of sending their kids for classes, please think twice. Unless your kid is creme-de-la- creme, the studio will pay no attention to the progress of the child.

Cleverland Tutorial Centre@Tampines Main Branch

by Mr Ong - 2 months ago

My child join two years ago. Just want to say this centre is highly recommended for math.

Cleverland Tutorial Centre@Tampines Main Branch

by Jonathan - 3 months ago

I have been to a few tuition centres for mathematics but still find Cleverland the best. Specially recommend their math and Science tuition. The teachers really help me regain confidence in math and Science. Finally from F grade to A1. Great job!

Cleverland Tutorial Centre@Tampines Main Branch

by Hui En - 3 months ago

Helpful teacher, nice learning environment. Recommended!

Edvox Music School @ Punggol Central

by Bhanu - 3 months ago

Our son Ishaan has been learning piano with Ms Koh in Edvox since Jan this year. She is very professional and has rich experience in teaching music. He loves to attend her lessons eagerly. She is very patient and provides good guidance and feedback. This has enabled him to develop interest and make good progress. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Teacher Ms Koh. Congratulations for her achievement in getting the best teacher award 2022.

Oxley Education Centre

by Mrs Lim - 3 months ago

I was not very impressed with their centre. Interiors run-down and my kids complain about the roaches there. Homework given was not marked and seems to be photocopied from assessment book.

Edvox Music School @ Choa Chu Kang

by PeiF - 4 months ago

Unprofessional teacher with surname Gui. The centre knows the real reason and made several threats for the reviews on what happened.