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Please share objectively about the curriculum, teaching staff, facilities & enrichment activities.
Personal complaints and objections will be removed.

Your email will not be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to remove reviews from non-existent emails.


by Lynn - 1 week ago

Great K2 teachers in 2018.. my child loves going to school and treats the form teacher like her mummy.. I feel safe and assured to have such kind and responsible teacher caring for our child.. Lessons are fun and engaging.. Teacher is very supportive and always provide feedbacks on my child progress.. We miss the K2 teachers.. Good job!


by Yeni supitra - 3 weeks ago

I like shcool is because very good, program good,so my children can shcool here.


by Geraldine - 1 month ago

Staff are working hand in hand for children's welfare and safety. Job well done!


by Pek - 1 month ago

No proper plan about what the learning goals are for the year or are clueless about what the children will do on a daily basis to occupy their time.


by Yimin - 1 month ago

My girl has been in this school since N1. She has made good progress. The teachers have been trying out different ways to engage her to be more participative in class. The teachers and principal have been very supportive when any concerns raised. We are pleased that important and necessary related information about my girl is given on the same day. We are thankful for the teachers and principal effort and care provided for my girl.


by Mrs tan - 1 month ago

They used value inspired curriculum , low turn over rate of the teachers staffs are experience and happy towards the children. Good principal for the Centre . I am consider a happy parent in pcs amk.


by Jene - 1 month ago

Responsible, patient and caring teachers with a hands on principal around all the time, my daughter was learning faster than anyone else compared to her friends from other childcare centres. She's currently in a good pri school and is also in the best class (one of the top students in school). Recommended this centre to my girlfriend's daughter too. Her daughter is also excelling in school. Strongly recommended if u ask me! ?


by Anais - 1 month ago

Isaac was 20months old and the childcare's first student. Though the place is smaller than usual childcare, the teachers love and warmth, environment, food and curriculum more than make up for the cosy space. The teachers make effort to bring the kids out for outdoor activities. The principal always kept up in the loop and is a very effective leader who runs the centre very well. She cares for the students dearly and is very hands-on in communication with the parents. Answering all of our questions promptly. I have only praises for this childcare and is a pity we had to pull my child out as we have a new home in the West. Thank you Brillant Tots at YCK, my child is indeed Brillant because of the care poured by the teachers and everyone in the school.


by Parent - 2 months ago

Children are allowed to watch TV from 5pm to 7pm almost everyday.. Assistance teachers let the children watching tv all time after 5:00pm. During that time, If the your child is too small and they pee or poo, the assistance teacher don't care and let the diaper overflow. Very bad experience and very disappointed when sending small child less than 2 years old to this child care. However, the main teachers are good.

Mini Harvards @ Namly

by Julian S - 2 months ago

Mini Harvards is using IB program and Primary school syllabus to prepare students for Primary.


by Alex Ho - 2 months ago

Two of my sons are now at Bleu Castle now, and we cannot be happier!! We are so glad that we have found a truly caring & loving environment for them finally! Before that, we have been moving from one child care to another. The reasons for moving my sons from previous child cares ranged from "unloving care givers" to "bullying at school". But in Bleu Castle, my sons have blossomed and this is all thanks to the teachers who work closely with each individual child and their parents. This is how a pre-school should be!


by Rebecca - 2 months ago

We have been looking for an infant care that suits our our daughter. Finally we found one and could not be happier! Child's Atelier has a loving environment and care givers that I can really trust. As a mother, there is nothing more important than that!!! Very experienced teachers who go beyond call of duties to make sure the children are very well cared for.


by Peggy - 3 months ago

My Child just graduated from this school and has fond memories of her childhood here. Been in here since her playgroup days. Hardly see any staff turnovers here. Missed the food and the out of school lessons.


by Unknown mom - 7 months ago

I can see the teacher is not enough. The teacher are polite and friendly will at times update me and also other parents regards to the child well being. However the principal is really lack of professionalism in term of her ways of communicating with the parents and also I heard the ways she speak to her staff is not really ethical.


by Tan Sin Guan Samantha - 7 months ago

I would like to thank the infant care teachers for taking such good care of my baby boy and all the other babies. I especially appreciate the detailed assessment they provided on my boy’s developmental milestones. For example, the teachers shared that my boy smiled when a story was read to him. This really means a lot as I am working and may not be able to catch these moments all the time. The teachers also update the little families app everyday to keep me posted on what Nathaniel is doing. This gives me a peace of mind. I salute the teachers for doing this tirelessly as it’s not easy when each teacher has to tend to five or more babies at a time. I do hope that the teacher-infant ratio can be reduced to ease the teachers’ workload. Overall, I am impressed by the teachers’ professionalism and the processes in place to care for the children. They take time to communicate with parents and understand the babies as well. Thank you very much teacher Lina, Sentha, sock Hwee, kamilah, yogi, ying hua, jia ni and the new teachers I’ve yet to get to know. ❤️


by Yoyo - 7 months ago

Find principal Tay not experience Nor helpful. Lesser teacher as compare to other CC where at least they have teacher assistant. Centre v old too.


by Sasha - 7 months ago

We love Geeenland Childcare! Their teachers are always there for my child. Tgey give feedback and also listens to parents feedback.

Little Gems Preschool @ Ang Mo Kio

by Chanel Ho - 7 months ago

We sent our daughter Weiqi to this preschool 2 years ago and we never regreted our choice! She loves the school and the teachers alot. We want to mention teacher Pris who has helped Weiqi alot in her English. Both my husband and I speak Chinese and are not very good in English. But Little Gems, with their phonic course and Teacher Pris, has helped Weiqi to speak English well! In fact, she is even able to read. We are very thankful for that because we know that Weiqi will be more prepared when she graduates from Little Gems and go on to P1 next for her English lessons...


by Wendy - 6 months ago

Small class size. Hence, more focus is given to children.


by Ummi - 6 months ago

This school is packed with more children as compared to teachers. Each class is packed like sardines, most classes are filled with students way past the usual teacher:student ratio. Many occasions oversight of children's safety and well being occurred. Truly disappointing to know how this school is run by amateurs. This school is very money minded, this is not a place to nurture future leaders but a place of business!

Kent Ridge Education @Ang Mo Kio Hub

by Samuel - 2 days ago

Dedicated and passionate teachers with excellent service staffs.

Learning Edge Education Centre

by Mrs Soh - 2 days ago

Keith and Kester have both scored A2 in their O levels for their English, thanks to Mr Kenneth, they have great improvement!

Happy Tutors Learning Centre

by Md Imran - 1 week ago

Attended my A level physics tuition classes here with Teacher Jack... Had my CCA stopped pretty late and we had a crash course that brought us back to speed. Got A for the A levels so thats not too bad.

Writers' Guild Learning Centre @ Northpoint City

by Angel - 1 week ago

Good Teachers and interactive programme. I entrust them with my boy and girl happily. My son’s writing improves and my girl’s passion grows! Highly recommended:)

Happy Tutors Learning Centre

by YH Lee - 2 weeks ago

My girl joined their P4 math classes as the only student. Later on few others joined the class and she enjoyed it more. Gets more than 90% after joining their classes. Good job by the team.

Happy Tutors Learning Centre

by Gordon - 4 weeks ago

My son goes to this centre for Sec 1 math tuition and is put in a class of 3 other students. He is happy with his tutors because they are always willing to answer his doubts and help to make sure that he can apply it in other questions. Over few months, he got from a C to an A.

Feng Hua Language Studies Centre

by Joshua - 1 month ago

I used to study in this tuition center and have made great progress in my Chinese from primary school to middle school. The teachers are very kind.

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre @ Bukit Batok Central

by Min - 1 month ago

Enriching experience with the learning materials and techniques taught. Very useful for my kids to understand the concepts and really helpful in doing well in their studies.

Eye Level @ Somerset

by Ang - 1 month ago

Fantastic service from the Centre staff and teacher! They never fail to provide me updates about how my child is progressing. Curriculum is also very enticing to my girl.

Young at Art @ Katong Plaza

by Angeline. - 1 month ago

They provide classes for our preschool. And so far they have exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not only do they have regular assessment and progress updates but they also put up an amazing performance for our year end concert. All the Teachers and principal,Mdm Renu are extremely passionate about what they do. KUDOS!

Happy Tutors Learning Centre

by Roger Lee Soon Kim - 1 month ago

I went to many tuition centres and usually they have about ten to fifteen students. With Happy Tutors I was in a group of four students. I got enough time with the tutor to clear all my doubts. PSLE Math is just so hard I had to be quickly trained for the exam. Teacher Vanessa was very patient in explaining the models over and over until I finally understood the questions in each class. I really liked the classes at Happy Tutors.

CMA Mental Arithmetic Centre (AMK)

by Kok Yu Zhe - 1 month ago

I like cma because they power up my brain. But, there is a lot of homework. That is why I put four stars.

TLS Academy

by Chua K C - 2 months ago

Small but great school! I saw my kid's life transformed after he stepped into TLS Academy. He is developed holistically. He has since graduated and now studying in a top university in Canada

Edvox Music School @ Hougang Street

by Farhan - 2 months ago

I was a student of Miss Ashley Wong. Her teaching style is not just for playing music, but to have fun with it. I really enjoyed her lessons. She encourages us, her students, to participate in performances, and I think by so, it helps to improve our confidence even more, not just in music, but in interacting with people as well. Our performances journey also create a stronger bond between students instead of just being in a personal one on one lesson.

Perfect Pitch

by Ang Ang - 2 months ago

Teachers are not professional enough. Especially piano teachers can’t play piano. Location is good.

Han Language Centre@BUKIT TIMAH

by Deon - 2 months ago

This centre is pretty decent.. i learnt quite a bit from them

PlayFACTO @ Punggol Oasis

by Aarav - 2 months ago

Excellent playgroup and student care centre!!! Wonderful Teachers!! Highly recommended!!

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre @ Marine Parade

by Weng - 3 months ago

Excellent tuition centre. Friendly customer service and committed teachers. Highly recommended. Good quality and great value for money. It has an interested e learning system that parents can view and see what has been taught in class. This is useful for reviewing the lessons together. The online interactive is pretty engaging and interesting. The centre is located at Parkway Centre, where there are a lot of other tuition centres. So it is easy to plan back to back tuition on the same day. Because it is besides Parkway Parade, I can also do my shopping whilst waiting for the tuition to be over.

CKA Media and Training Centre@CBD

by MA - 3 months ago

Trainers are fresh graduates whom have very little or no experience in teaching. No point having Engineers or part-time trainers with other jobs. Most trainers are youth whom just want to experience Asia, its like a gap year for them. High turnover of trainers. Most of the college consultants have zero experience in consultancy work. Why pay ridiculous amount of money for a consultant to do a web search for college applications? Why do UK university applications and interview prep by paying them huge amount of money when its done for free by University agents?

Ossia Music School @Bukit Batok East

by Maha - 7 months ago

My daughter is interested in learning here. Classes are conducted nicely without any fail and compensated if she is in sick leave