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Please share objectively about the curriculum, teaching staff, facilities & enrichment activities.
Personal complaints and objections will be removed.

Your email will not be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to remove reviews from non-existent emails.

Sri Sathya Sai Kindergarten @ Pasir Ris

by Jayalakshmi Babu - 6 days ago

Very nice school with loving n encouraging teachers.more focus on moral values and ethics.


by angelina lee - 2 weeks ago

Great school , Great teachers . Kind teachers and patience .They put in lots effort and time on all kids .They love the kids .Huge area and clean place .They renovated the place .should fix an appt & a visit to the boss : sharon .


by James - 1 month ago

The staff are friendly, caring and interact well with the children. The environment is calming and clean.


by Rachel Tang - 1 month ago

The infant care teachers are caring and friendly, and the teacher to student ratio is good (for about 7 teachers, there are about 11 infants). They make the effort to ensure the babies are engaged in stimulating activities. My children have amassed a quite lot of art work from their time there, and it is always nice to see the updates on their portfolio. I just hoped that the updates on the activities could be more regular, such as once a week, instead of about once a month.


by Julia M - 2 months ago

The admin senthaa is very rude and doesn’t seem to know what she’s doing .


by diyana - 2 months ago

Teacher in infant has no cert but principal went ahead to tell parents that she has a cert. taking in students that are sick and when they have head lice!!Tips for any future parents who want to send their kids to this school ,check the teacher’s certs befor

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Gambas Blk 461 (CC)

by Surfina - 2 months ago

The admin very rude. The customer service very bad!!


by Wayne Toh - 2 months ago

My baby is currently going to the Infant care. The infant care area is spacious and clean. Teachers are friendly and polite. The centre has a lot of facilities for the childcare programme which I believed boy will enjoy after he joins the childcare. Thumbs up!


by Evelyn - 3 months ago

The centre has a clean and fabulous environment with their own outdoor playground. They offers Montessori Learning for both childcare and infant-care . Low teacher to child ratio. The teachers are friendly and experienced and able to offer advice for new parent like myself. Nice environment with natural sunlight and wind.

GUG Preschool @ Tampines Junction

by Ng Kim Sim - 3 months ago

The kids enjoy going to school with a conducive environment and being cared with love . I think it has the best preschool curriculum with exclusive learning resources. The teachers are very engaging and caring .


by Cui Wei - 3 months ago

This is a lovely center. A team of passion teachers and a warm learning, playing for children. As a parent of my child who is in Emmanuel Children, I thumb up for the efforts that have been done by the team of Emmanuel. My kid is looking forward for school everyday. If you're looking for a school of small ratio children and teacher, Emmanuel Child Educare will be your right choice.

Bethesda Pasir Ris Kindergarten (BPRK)

by Kace - 3 months ago

My son is currently in Bethesda Pasir Ris Kindergarten. I loved how systematic the school curriculum is. The school managed to rise above the situation even during this pandemic. The teachers are so passionate and really anointed to be a teacher most especially Mrs. Sim. She is so loved by her students. Keep up the good work!What I think they should improve is their website because actually they have a good curriculum and enrichment programs but it did not really give justice on the website. I just chose this school because of the good feedback from my friends but if not of word of mouth if I will depend on their website I might choose other schools. Especially now, parents would love to check the website first.


by Ryan Giam - 3 months ago

Teacher are carrying too students. My daughter live it very much.

Pat's Schoolhouse Buckley

by Channon Chew Yun Xuan - 4 months ago

I love this school! I am an ex student too. I miss my teachers and friends. My teachers were so nice to me. They always care for me and help me when I need help. The curriculum timing is ok for me and I am not late for lunch. This place is wonderful.


by Mike Lee - 4 months ago

Not to be missed! My girl went to this school and she learns a lot.


by Colin - 4 months ago

The strong partnership fostered between the staff members (Principal & Teachers) and the parents allows for regular communication on school programs and child's development progress/status.


by Stephanie - 4 months ago

Very good and experienced teachers whom are very caring and attentive. Placed both my kids there feeling really assured and at ease. My girl became more well behaved after attending school here. All the kids there are very well disciplined, I believe it is because of the teacher’s great disciplinary skills. ??????


by Anonymous - 5 months ago

I did an attachment at this centre before. Staff was really rude and unfriendly honestly quite a disappointment. Principal wasn’t nice either. She told me to reconsider my decision to be in the early childhood industry, which was really unnecessary and discouraging for someone who just started out and would like to be in the sector. Honestly Super bad impression of this centre


by zhen lin and qian le - 5 months ago

hi qian le and zhen lin do you have a nice school today?


by Chang Liu - 5 months ago

Our son Manu had a marvelous time at Leap Schoolhouse. We visited several other schools before, but were immediately convinced that Leap was the right choice for us because of the relaxed atmosphere and the warm and cheerful teachers. Children have loads of fun while learning and the teachers truly have attention for more than only cognitive learning. They also learn important life skills such as creativity and healthy living. Kids are respected and encouraged in a positive and loving way. Their independence is trained which boosts their confidence. Location is very convenient at City Square Mall. The energetic miss Esther Lim leads the school with vision and passion. If you want your child to have a balanced, joyful and multi-faceted early learning experience, LEAP Schoolhouse is a great option.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Lim - 1 day ago

Very happy that my child is able to speak now, before starting home-based therapy with Healis he is barely only able to say a few words. Glad to see so much progress in such a short period of time.

Lewin Education Centre@ Yew Tee

by Ngoh Yi Xuan - 1 month ago

My daughter attending Lewin Science and English Creative Writing since P3. She had improved in her essay writing and science subject. Thanks to teacher Annabelle and teacher Angeline for their patient and caring. So sad that when I read about Lewin in Yew Tee branch is closing.

Lewin Education Centre@ Yew Tee

by Aye Aye Mar - 1 month ago

Teacher Angie has helped my children a lot and they have improved their English Language and creative writing. Teacher Angie is very proffesional in teaching English and I am very grateful of that. Thank you Teacher Angie for teaching my children.

Lewin Education Centre@ Yew Tee

by Glenda - 1 month ago

Teacher Bessie teaching is clear and good. She knows how to arouse the interest of my child's learning of English. Teacher is caring and approachable.

Lewin Education Centre@ Yew Tee

by Micco - 1 month ago

Teacher Angeline very Knowledgeable, Professional and encouraging. My son english has seen much improvement and he enjoyed every single lesson.Thank you for excellent teaching and efficient service.

Lewin Education Centre@ Yew Tee

by Miki - 1 month ago

Thank you Teacher Angeline ?for their professional, knowledge, caring and guidance of my children. My son improved a lot ,he like and grow with the school.

I Can Read @ Bukit Timah Plaza

by Sim - 1 month ago

I can read seems to be more focused on earning money from parents, and less interested in actually teaching the children properly. From an admin perspective, they will make changes at the last minute, leaving you to scramble to make changes to your schedule. I have had bad experiences with two I can read centres and finally decided to withdraw my child.

I Can Read @ Novena

by Chan - 1 month ago

Bad experience with teacher who didn’t seem interested to teach my child. During COVID, the lessons were cut to 30minutes and was conducted online. The teacher left after 20-25 minutes. During the session, she rushed through the material and did not explain properly even when my child did not understand her instructions. When I asked about how I could help my child, I was not given any feedback. Bad experience with the Center who Tried to cancel classes at the last minute. In the end I was forced to transfer Centers.

InstanTuition @ Tampines

by Aqeisha - 2 months ago

Teachers here are very fun and engaging! I can understand the methods and concepts taught by Mr Cheok . The classrooms are very clean and conducive for studying.

InstanTuition @ Tampines

by Claris - 2 months ago

The teachers here are very friendly and very patient! I started joining chemistry physics and amath and ive felt that the explanation by the teachers are very clear and easy to understand. The learning environment is also very cozy and nice . I would greatly recommend this tuition centre to others

InstanTuition @ Tampines

by Jing Wen - 2 months ago

I’ve seen an improvement in my grades since I’ve joined InstanTuition. Miss Kacey has been teaching me POA since sec 3. I have always struggled with POA and couldn’t grasp the concepts very well, thus failing this subject for every exam. Attending her classes has helped me clear various doubts I had about POA. Lessons are engaging and productive and her teaching methods are different from my teacher, thus allowing me to be able to understand it better. I went from scoring a U grade to getting an A1 for 'N' levels.

InstanTuition @ Tampines

by Zakir - 2 months ago

Good tuition. My exam grades improved a lot after i joined. Improved from U grade in Sec 3 to Grade A in N Level for all 3 subjects which i had tuition for - Math, Science (Phy/Chem) and Principles of Accounts (POA). I recommend this place!

Vienna Music School @Seletar Mall

by Jun Yuan - 2 months ago

Very passionate in teaching my son and letting him find his interest in music. Totally recommended

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre @ Bukit Batok Central

by Chen jing - 2 months ago

The curriculum was fun and the lessons are not boring

InstanTuition @ Tampines

by Sofea - 2 months ago

the teachers here are very friendly and approachable. the teaching methods here have helped to improve my grades tremendously and i have no regrets joining this tuition centre. i really recommend you to try out their free trial lesson :)

Edvox Music School @ Punggol Central

by Christine - 2 months ago

Searching for a violin teacher and cello teacher for weeks in Punggol area. Finally Edvox. Very impressive orchestra. Hopefully dd and ds will be able to perform one day.

Edvox Music School @ Marine Parade Central

by Gerry Goh - 2 months ago

Responsible teacher with frequent feedback and helpful customer service. Keep it up Edvox!

Edvox Music School @ Hougang Street

by Gerry Goh - 2 months ago

Responsible teacher with frequent feedback and helpful customer service.

InstanTuition @ Tampines

by Jevan Teo - 2 months ago

Very kind and considerate tutor. The tutor knows how to make sure that the student does not get stressed out during tuition and I am no exception especially when I am weak in math and science. I have also seen a noticeable improvement in my math and science grades since I have joined this tuition centre.

InstanTuition @ Tampines

by Kailaash - 3 months ago

The tuition centre is a very comfortable place with great tutors (Mr Cheok and Miss Kacey) who patiently teach me. Before I joined InstanTuition, I was very weak in my chemistry, I had no idea what was going on in chemistry. However after joining InstanTuition, I am able to understand chemistry very well and even improved my grades and start to pass chemistry. Now besides chemistry, I attend physics, maths and POA tuition at InstanTuition, I used to be weak in all these subjects but after joining the tuition for these subjects, my grades improve tremendously, I used to not understand anything in these subjects also but now I understand what is being taught and what are we learning. Realising that their tutoring is very effective, I have recommend this place to 2 of my friends who need help in their studies. After 2 of them came for tuition, they really do understand the subjects and are now doing very well for those subjects. I strongly recommend this tuition center to anyone who needs help with their studies and want to see real improvement!