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Please share objectively about the curriculum, teaching staff, facilities & enrichment activities.
Personal complaints and objections will be removed.

Your email will not be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to remove reviews from non-existent emails.


by A.D. - 5 days ago

Outbreak of gastroenteritis in the school is not being properly managed as cases keep rising. Parents are not given assurance by the school on the matter and is covering up the seriousness of having a school that is virus-free by sending template messages to parents daily.


by Basitd - 3 weeks ago

Something is not right about the enrolment practice. My child was born in Oct 2019 and I had put my child in the interest or waiting list since then. This is followed by months of calling them asking about the vacancy, they quickly brushed them off and said 'full capacity' and would require 1 year of waiting. But to my surprise, a child who was born in July 2020 managed to be enrolled in their infant care. When I asked why the unfair practice? They mentioned they had tried "calling us" in earlier months, which I had claimed those claims are absurd. How did my wife and I both missed their calls? Then they came with another 2nd silly reason saying that the enrolment will have to consider different age/months group. My child is already above 18+ months now. Now I had to spend the next 6 years of my child's life to send him to a faraway school. This is not a 'personal complaint' for personal purpose. This is meant for the school to really look into their enrolment practice for the benefit of the whole community here and not just me.


by Jason - 1 month ago

Teacher have no patience. If baby cry they will hide them in one corner and ignore them.


by jae - 1 month ago

person in charge is unresposible. What they guarantee to you have to record down. Because after two day you paid money and sign up they will tell you the person in charge last time don't know about this. So becareful when signing up.

Star Learners @ Bukit Batok

by Nurul - 2 months ago

An amazing place with amazing staff with so much heart and caring mindset. The teachers really make an effort to engage the kids and develop them to be not only competent in academics but also in every other expect such as the importance of social and emotional skills. The management is really committed to providing a safe, fun, and loving environment and we’re very thankful to the whole team at Starlearners BB especially Teacher Siti!


by Michelle - 2 months ago

Enrolled my child with MindChamps because the school and teachers are committed to helping the child learn enough so that they can transition well into Primary 1. At K1, my daughter knows how to write her name, A-Z, numbers, recognise chinese characters and all without having to attend weekend enrichment classes = more bonding and playtime for us on Sat and Sun. Values are important and the school emphasize that kids love, respect, care, share their toys etc... with each other. School fees are pricey but worth the money as my child is learning and growing up well. Mon-Fri, time well spent.


by Aim - 2 months ago

I called the centre but they said there is no infant care.. but here put infant care


by Diana - 2 months ago

I am impressed with how responsible, proactive, and vigilant the teachers are when attending to the children. They always keep a watchful eye on the children while they are playing. Hygiene and cleanliness are another great factor that they practice. After much observation, I am confident that my toddler and other children will be in good hands of the teachers and principal here. Thank you and keep up the good work.


by Mary Herath - 2 months ago

I am Mary Herath, former Principal of PCF Kindergarten and grandmother of Jayna Aashini Herath. She joined the centre on 1st of February 2021. With so much difficulty with new faces and the anxiety of separation, she is gradually adopting to the new environment. Here i would like to thank Ke Laosi and Teacher Effra for handilng Jayna with love and understanding. I could see the the staff of the section of toddlers and play group, working hand in hand for the safety and comfort of the children under their care. Me and Jayna's parents feel happy about Jayna's progress and like to say a Big Thank You to all of you!


by Ben Lim - 3 months ago

Firstly the environment is clean and place has aircon. Receptionist is friendly. Teachers turnover rate is high. My child came back and poked my head with his finger vigorously telling me that I am a naughty boy. I doubt the nurturing environment there.


by Suzanne Ho - 3 months ago

All her Chiltern friends even made it through the first round of GEP together.

Chatsworth Preschool

by objectivereviewer - 3 months ago

While the school compound is big and on first glance is interesting to be in, there are signs of aging seen in the classrooms which makes the school feel rather dilapidated when you look closer. The school location being just next to the expressway with lots of moving cars releasing exhaust fumes also puts into question the air quality the young kids are breathing while playing outdoors. There are many bushes around the school area which could also pose as a mosquito breeding ground too. Facilities aside, the school administration projects a rigid which borderlines strict admin structure so would not recommend this school for parents who are looking for a more personalised and tailored treatment from the school.


by Slard - 3 months ago

Part time teachers only (Heard most teachers are not certified, so wondering how come they are still operating).No Mandarin teacher for the year 2019 (wonder what do the kid learn)/ Never follow ECDA covid rules ( parents allowed to visit centres during operating hours. No principal... Slow learning. Children dont learn much. Overpriced enrichment. but actually would rather go for enrichment than to the school...


by Idza B - 3 months ago

Nice principal and staff. My son has been enrolled there since infant and he enjoys going to school.

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Potong Pasir Blk 143 (DS)

by Jeffrey - 3 months ago

Teaching staff is working hard, mainly foreigner, no enrichment activities.


by Mandy - 3 months ago

We like their <Han Xue Le>Chinese Reading Class,good teacher and good brand.


by Saranya - 4 months ago

We enrolled our 3 months old baby at Little Footprints Infant care, Boon Keng branch. We were initially very anxious to leave our baby at the infant care. The caregivers at the centre were very kind and reassuring. Madam Vimala took care of our baby very well and regularly updated us on her activities. We felt very safe and confident every day while leaving our baby at the hands of Madam Vimala. Highly recommended infant care with caring staffs.


by Brian tay - 4 months ago

My kids have been with Berry Tree Preschool for 4 years. Recently my youngest one finally graduated. The school has a great integrated curriculum covering English and math as well as science and character building lesson plans. I'm happy with the quick response and immediate actions whenever I have a request.


by Mike - 4 months ago

My younger kid is graduating from your preschool, and will have fresh start in primary school in 2 days’ time. We are happy to write this blog to express our respect and appreciation to this outstanding team. With your excellent guidance, both of them have picked up the great habit of brushing their teeth in proper way in K1. Without hard persuasion, we always see they are practicing diligently before spelling test. And we are delighted to see a nice sticker always pasted beside his spelling results in encouraging him to continue his good efforts. We sincerely thank all staffs in Berry Tree Preschool and wish all in continuous success in nurturing the nation’s future builders.


by Leonard - 4 months ago

I sent my both kids to Berry Tree Preschool when they are in N1 and K1. I watched carefully their development during this critical period of early years of schooling, and both me and my wife are so glad to have a great team of dedicating teachers and supporting staffs for educating and caring to my 2 little ones. From Centre Manager, Principal, to the class teachers and assistance staff, they have been demonstrating a great enthusiasm and passion in teaching and caring the children.

TML Tuition Shop

by Jun Kai - 1 day ago

I got 16/30 for math and I got 25/30 aft joining tml!!!!! Recommend.

TML Tuition Shop

by XUAN NING - 1 day ago


TML Tuition Shop

by Kimmy head - 1 day ago


TML Tuition Shop

by Jenny talia - 1 day ago

I brought my 10months old baby to the tuition centre, and he knows how to read magazines now!!

TML Tuition Shop

by Mike Coxlong - 1 day ago

I used to have an IQ of 69 but now that I've attended TML for 2weeks, it became 3435. I'm now a graduate of Yale and it's all due to TML. Many Thanks. Recommended.

TML Tuition Shop

by Moe Lester - 1 day ago

Brought my favourite pet dog here and he learnt how to read newspapers in a day. Now he works for CNA. Recommend.

TML Tuition Shop

by Gasoline Tan - 1 day ago


TML Tuition Shop

by Mike hunt - 1 day ago

My child rlly has great improvements in her subjects!!!! He’s rlly a good teacher, #recommendedtuition #best

TML Tuition Shop

by Sun Mei Lee - 1 day ago

My son Hugh Jarse scored top in cohort after coming here for 1 day. His grades had a 420% increase and he scored 6/9 for every test!! I can't stop recommending this place.

Young Prodigy Learning Centre (Toa Payoh Branch)

by ella - 5 days ago

teaching staff is okay, the worksheet they give is copied from others. they would ask ur child whether they can borrow their exam paper then proceed to photocopy ur child's exam papers and used it afterwards

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre @ Bukit Batok Central

by AK - 6 days ago

The staff-Si Ning is very helpful. My kid was able to settle into class very quickly with her guidance. Thumbs up!

TML Tuition Shop

by Tan Meng Lee - 1 week ago

This place is run by a chimpanzee pedophile, encourages pedophilia to students. Do not come here my son, Ben Dover, was molested by this moron.

Cleverland Tutorial Centre@Tampines Main Branch

by Deevekan - 3 weeks ago

One of the best math teacher ever. Thank you Mr Ow for teaching me!

Edvox Music School @ Marine Parade Central

by Alice - 3 weeks ago

I was searching for a place to enroll my children for Piano and Violin lessons and I now feel so grateful to have stumbled upon Edvox. After a few years, I can firmly say that they are extremely qualified and dedicated to imparting their musical knowledge to their students. Teachers like Ms Rosemarie and Ms Caroline have always been patient yet professional in their teachings. At the same time, they are very much attuned to their students' needs, curating fun activities and practices that suits my children's learning habits and concerns. Seeing how they have helped music spark genuine joy in my children, it also plays an indispensable role in my decision to continue on with this school for coming 8 years now. On top of normal lessons, they have given my children numerous opportunities to shine on stage as a performer, be it solo or in a large group, it has fostered my children's sense of attachment to music and the instruments they play. This is something that I find rare in most musical tuition/enrichment centres, it is one of our key takeaways as well. Overall, I really recommend choosing this school to enroll your children in and it has definitely been worth its price.

Cleverland Tutorial Centre@Tampines Main Branch

by Melody - 1 month ago

My child math has improved a lot. Thank you Cleverland!

Cristofori Music School

by Cristofori Music School Bukit Batok - 2 months ago

We have changed our location to Blk 132 Bukit Batok West Ave 6 #01-314 Singapore 650132

Vienna Music School @Seletar Mall

by Hazel - 2 months ago

Bad service. This school is only interested in making huge profits with 0 quality.

Jenny's Piano Lessons @ Yio Chu Kang

by Julene - 2 months ago

Patient, kind and honest. Never ask to buy unnecessary books or materials to waste time and money. The music theory crash course is really amazing, my son enjoyed the grade 6 to 8 via zoom. Very easy to understand.

Berries @ Tampines Central

by Claire - 3 months ago

I transferred my child from Berries Tampines to the branch at Kovan. When my child was in K1, the teacher spoke to me during the first few lessons that my child could not understand what she was saying. I told her I was aware and I was already trying my best and I hope she could understand that. I felt the expectation from the school was that the kid has to have certain standard before she starts Berries. The last straw came when COVID happened and there was no notification of what the arrangement will be like and students were left hanging with bare minimal discount. Yet, when parents request to stop temporarily and for the school to help retain the seat, the school just mentioned that they are not able to do so. There is no long term relationship between the parent & child with the school. After I transferred my kid to Kovan, I realised the service I received was bare minimal compared to Kovan's centre. The teachers here are much more nurturing and helpful even for kids whom are on MC. They bother to update the parents of what was being taught when the child was absent!! They even bothered to help me search for available vacancies when I wanted to sign my second child up.

Vienna Music School @Seletar Mall

by Wilson lee - 3 months ago

Thanks Mr Nicholas for the patience you have for my kids. I think the structure teaching programme that Vienna music emphasise on , helps a lot with my kids’ learning development