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Your email will not be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to remove reviews from non-existent emails.


by Shirley

So far the kids look comfortable but I feel that there’s a still room for improvement in terms of the education syllabus


by Xiu Min

I can see their passion and love the way they engage children!


by Mj

Caring teaching team. Very responsive principle. Able to communicate on personal level with how children are behaving or progressing in school.

My Little Campus (YISHUN)

by Jerene Fong

Nice teachers and a lot of enrichment classes. My 3 kids enjoy their school life and the excursion every quarter.


by Zhang liling

My child had been enrolled for infant till k2. He had a wonderful childhood and learning journey in MFS.


by Angel



by Ellyn

The school has a huge garden on its own whereby the kids can run freely during their daily outdoor play as well as waterplay and sand play.. they are also able to get closer to nature by planting own flowers and watch them bloom! The Teachers are all very nice and patient to the kids.. what I like most is for the years my kid is there, Teachers are still the same except for 1 or 2 who resigned.


by Jolene Chua

Perfect environment, with loving educators. No child is left behind.


by Anonymous

Teachers are good and friendly. They occasionally share the events in facebook page so that we know what's going on in school.

Moppeteers Bridging Hub @ Jurong

by Premish Nathan

My son took admission at Moppeteers @ Jurong in Playgroup. The school is cozy but have the friendly environment with innovative & interactive learning corners. Since a year has been passed we have seen a drastic change in our son communication skills. The benefit with Moppeteers is the school covers 5 enrichment programs in its curriculum( phonics, Speech & Drama and many more) for which he learns something new every day apart from just doing cookery and crafty. He knows a lot about yoga asana and Martial arts tricks now. Teachers keep me posted about his daily activities through the Moppeteers APP. The class size is small (1:6 in playgroup) so he enjoyed ample of attention. Will always be grateful to Moppeteers Preschool for playing an efficient role in my child formative years.

Moppeteers Learning Hub @ Siglap

by Shilpa Samal

Moppeteers Preschool has a fun, caring and friendly environment. the teachers are friendly. Re I have seen so many changes in my 4 yr old son from gaining self-confidence to improving his social skill. He has learned so many martial arts tricks that he keeps on doing it again and again at home. Due to so many enrichment programs in the curriculum (phonics, speech & drama, MMA kids, kids Yoga, creative writing) we have never sent him to any other class. We receive daily updates or sometimes hourly updates regarding our son achievements for the day, about his conducts in school, his breakfast and lunch meal information. I am really thankful and grateful to Moppeteers teaching staff for giving me a peace of mind at work. Thank You!


by bernard

My son has spent 3 years with the school and both us and son find it an excellent place for study. this school is so unique and gave its students every opportunity to shine. The principal himself also made himself as part of the teaching staff, regularly sharing news and discusses the topic with students. for eg, north korean and Us presidents summit, earthquakes and the science behind it etc. while the teachers embarked on interesting lessons weekly such as show and tell to encourage students to speak up and present for eg. keeping the kids abreast with the latest news. In addition, the school made trips very interesting. for eg, recently we made a trip to the botanical gardens and the teachers got the parents involved as well to help our kids learn while making the trip taking the mrt trains to the gardens. also very uniquely,the school conduct meditation sessions daily for 15 min. meditation is useful to help children keep a calm mind. the school was in the news recently to share on this unique part of the lessons. all in all classes at my little gems are filled with vitality and variety so much so the my son always find it an absolute joy to go to school. we have no qualms at all sending our 2nd child to the same preschool.


by Ain

High turnover of principals. My son has been there since he was N1 and now he's in K1. Changed principals around 4 times already.


by Tan Bee Chin

Very engaging for parents and kids that we are able to communicate effectively with the Teachers on my kid’s daily happenings in school . Plus with the parent portal app I can get to know what he is learning in school

The Kidz Station Playgroup Centre @ Orchard

by Joanna Walker

The Teachers are wonderful and the children are brimming with happiness and confidence. What is unique about this school is that it allows a flexible daily drop off with no deposit. This is ideal for expats, short terms residents in Singapore and for children on waiting lists elsewhere. Please can you include this school in your schools guide. We have loved it!


by Daphne Tan

The Principal listened to feedback and discuss with the fellow Teachers to work for a better tomorrow. My boy has been in the Center since 2.5yo and I can see him enjoying as well learning well since School taken over by Star Learners.


by Christine Koo

Bad experience with the Centre Manager Asidah of this school. No communication and very defensive when I ask for updates regarding my child and the HFMD situation in the school. Finally decided to pull my child out after merely 3 months of school knowing that it's hard to get a placement in punggol. Just too many red flags.


by Mrs Chew

I would like to compliment the teachers who are nurturing and participating in the toddler care @ ALOHA 2 at MY FIRST SKOOL at 119 Edgefield Plains. Thank you Teacher Dora and Chen Laoshi and the team of office admin staff, aunties who does the cleaning and cooking and other teachers (who have been involved in care for the Aloha 2). The teachers have good mannerism, very responsible, caring and genuinely very sincere in handling the care for the kids. At times, despite the cryings and wailing of any child, they are still very patient in ensuring that the child is not being neglected or shown any sign of annoyance. As a working mum, I am fascinated and do look forward to all the updates being uploaded in the mobile application under MFS. Its really very informative and exciting for me as a parent to witness the activities that my child is participating at the school. I am really pleased and rest assured to place my child under their care as the teachers are using their souls and minds in handling the children! I am really thankful and grateful for My First Skool for the excellence service in ensuring the cleanliness! God bless all!

Pat's Schoolhouse West Coast

by Ester Em

I love how the class size is just the right size that the teachers are able to cater well to each and every student. Firstly, the teachers are really patient, nice and understanding. I have not heard any negative comments about any of the teachers and the students really love them all. And the curriculum suits my 5 year old needs. They value academics as much as extra curricular works so there is a perfect balance of studies and play. I feel secured and at peace every time I bring my son there because I know that he is not only learning and having fun but also looked after well.


by Mickey

My child is learning good at school. But what I don’t like is their Room are covered. You cannot even peak through the window as it has cover too. Some Teachers are impatient.

Mind Stretcher Learning Centre @YISHUN

by Jazmin

Very helpful staff and teachers are patience too.

Yamaha Music School @ Ang Mo Kio

by Carol Neo

Love the way the branch teach as teacher is patient and students love it. The environment is cozy and my kuds like go to the place to understand music more. As a parent i love the way the school teach my kids.

Beijing Language School @ Punggol

by Susan tan

The teachers are good, friendly , approachable and patients. Counter staff are also very friendly. Recommended to go.

Berries @ Jurong

by Adeline Tan huixiu

Interactive and fun learning curriculum and programs that increase my kids' interest in Mandarin and I witness great improvement in my kids,both in verbal and written Chinese language. Passionate teacher and conductive learning environment. My kids are always looking forward to their classes.

Beijing Language School @ Sengkang

by Candice Zhuang

My son enjoys going to his weekly chinese class. They done a lot of learning through play and songs. After each class, my son is able to let me know what he had learn that day and he apply it to his daily lives. Good school with good teachers.

Lorna Whiston Study Centre@United Square

by Xiu Min

I brought my girl for Speech & Drama Trial class at Lorna Whiston and she simply love the teacher and the class! Almost Everyday she will tell me she want to go to Mr Jo class instead of her current preschool.. However it will be great if they allow parents to attend the trial class so that we can know better on how the class will be ^^

S.A.M. (Seriously Addictive Mathematics) @ Serangoon

by Chengling tan

My kid has never love to count. No matter what method I tried to motivate him, he doesn't seem to be keen. Till I enrolled him in S.A.M. The teachers there are dedicated to teaching and will make an effort to update you on the child's progress after each lesson. Ever since he joined S.A.M, he has showed interest in Math and has been eager to complete his Math homework. Thumbs up to S.A.M!

Berries @ Woodlands

by Serene Lim

Am very pleased with Berries’ teacher Ms Weng. She’s a very patient and friendly teacher who really interacts with the young kindly kids very well. My boy looks forward to her weekly class with joy and anticipation. Berries’ style of learning through play works very well for my boy who thoroughly enjoys his weekly class. Thumbs up??

Berries @ Hougang Central

by Felicia Yong

I find that berries helped my girl a lot on Chinese as she loves Chinese so much now ! She even practises herself on her own when she is home. She likes to mimic the way the Teachers teach as if she was the teacher !

Heguru Education Centre @Sengkang

by Stepfenny Ong

Having joined Heguru Singpost Centre branch since Jan 2018, my child shows significant improvements on her memory as well as more confidents in expressing herself. She was very impatient to sit still during her first few lesson but she progressively improved as their fast paced activities keep her engaged throughout the class. Interestingly, they also exposed my child to different languages via songs. All their teachers are well trained and certified too!

Happy Tutors Learning Centre

by Janet

Tutors often late for classes and change of schedules. Poor communication from centre’s in-charge. Classroom setting not that conducive for lessons. Apparently feedbacks not taken seriously.

Feng Hua Language Studies Centre

by Alicia

Centre is responsive towards my questions and concerns. Class worksheets content is strong. So far the teachers have been patient. Only “con” - they do not offer all-in-one 3 hour class

Edvox Music School @ Punggol Central

by Sharon Huang

I am so grateful to have a good teacher, Tr Gui Pei Fang, in Edvox. She is very professional and has rich experience in teaching piano. My son loves to attend her lessons very much. With her patience guidance and coaching, he has made great progress in mastering the skills in piano. There are many platforms in Edvox to allow the children to gain stage experience and in improving performance the skills. My son, Jia Ming, also won first prize in the junior category completion. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Teacher Pei Fang.

Agraganya Centre for Education

by Rahul


Berries @ Jurong

by Eileen Neo

my son started for 3 months, teacher review that he was able to recognise words. Their teacher are attentive and patience.

Edvox Music School @ Choa Chu Kang

by Wee Ming

Miss Ashley Wong is a very jovial and fun teacher to have. She conducts entertaining yet effective lessons on her students and she often likes to joke around making the lesson more lively. But on another hand, what makes her so effective is that she teaches her pupils things that are very useful and put it in a funny way. Even counting can be interesting. Using her methods have also made me realise how a beautiful piece of music can be played easily.

Edvox Music School @ Choa Chu Kang

by zisiew

I always enjoy my piano lesson. Ms Ashley is a very patient and awesome teacher. She often encourages me to work harder and not feeling stress over studies.

Berries @ Woodlands


I have enrolled my son in Berries 2 months now but have yet to see much improvement. Maybe there are many students in one class and the teacher is not able to pay much attention to my son.

Skylace Language School @Toa Payoh

by Sing Xuan

They have teachers who are passionate about the Mandarin Language at Skylace Language School.