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Please share objectively about the curriculum, teaching staff, facilities & enrichment activities.
Personal complaints and objections will be removed.

Your email will not be shared with anyone. We reserve the right to remove reviews from non-existent emails.


by Parent of N2 child - 1 month ago

I like how my child does his activities is school. Teacher updates very well in the app and I am able to see what my child does.


by Jen - 1 month ago

I am very happy that we enrolled our daughter at Ace @ Work Block 703 CCK. We can see that she is having fun and learning new things. We also appreciate that the principal and teachers are approachable and very friendly. They always update. We also like that they use app(diibear) and they create activities like world nutella day, national chocolate chip day, etc. so that the kids have additional things to look forward too.


by Jennifer L - 1 month ago

The admin/sales team is horrendous. Lack of communication, defensive (when following up on enquires). I felt like they were so cold in their correspondence to me- like I'm just a profit figure for them. This is for the Balmoral branch- not the mount Sophia one; so I'm not sure how it would differ. Some bright sparks like teachers and the co-founder but the biggest gripe is the lack of communication on what happens regularly. Other than that, the quality of Montessori educational materials is good.


by Winny - 2 months ago

What is so good about this school? Teacher Pat keeps hitting my child


by Hannah - 2 months ago

Teacher Sal hit my child during her eating time. She was scared going to this school.


by Cheng Sei - 3 months ago

Worst center with inconsiderate teacher. Especially teacher Nurul. Don't go for this center.

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Paya Lebar Blk 23 (KN)

by Lana Nguyen - 3 months ago

The teachers are caring and enthusiastic. My child has improvements thanks to the teachers.


by Nurul - 3 months ago

Very bad centre.Teachers have their own love story going on in here


by Danielle - 3 months ago

Caring principal and teachers, and give prompt updates on your kids. My child has been attending for 1 year, so far so good.


by Banu - 4 months ago

There is no facilities. My child is complained he is very bored. I ask him everyday what he did in school or learn, he is not able to say. And my child is exhibiting very bad behaviours lately


by Tan - 4 months ago

another student bites my niece quite frequently, even though we show the teacher this multiple times, but she turns into deaf ear instead. Such attitude, shouldn’t be teacher at all and the school is not doing anything about it. Avoid!


by Ws Tan - 4 months ago

My son got Verbal abuse by the chinese teacher. I don't recommended


by Elena - 4 months ago

Centre looks old but teachers are very gentle and passionate. Principals and admins are also very approachable and kind. My child is attending school for the first time & he has been super afraid. Daily tantrums especially since he can’t talk yet. Within few months, he can now communicate his needs and looks forward to coming to school.


by Christine - 5 months ago

Kid attended the pre-nursery class. We realised he’s been enjoying school because he comes home everyday with new words n he can phrase sentence. Teachers r great too, friendly n welcoming. They will constantly update abt hw kid is doing n wat he has been learning. Centre has been newly renovated too, so very clean n tidy.


by A.D. - 5 months ago

Outbreak of gastroenteritis in the school is not being properly managed as cases keep rising. Parents are not given assurance by the school on the matter and is covering up the seriousness of having a school that is virus-free by sending template messages to parents daily.


by Basitd - 6 months ago

Something is not right about the enrolment practice. My child was born in Oct 2019 and I had put my child in the interest or waiting list since then. This is followed by months of calling them asking about the vacancy, they quickly brushed them off and said 'full capacity' and would require 1 year of waiting. But to my surprise, a child who was born in July 2020 managed to be enrolled in their infant care. When I asked why the unfair practice? They mentioned they had tried "calling us" in earlier months, which I had claimed those claims are absurd. How did my wife and I both missed their calls? Then they came with another 2nd silly reason saying that the enrolment will have to consider different age/months group. My child is already above 18+ months now. Now I had to spend the next 6 years of my child's life to send him to a faraway school. This is not a 'personal complaint' for personal purpose. This is meant for the school to really look into their enrolment practice for the benefit of the whole community here and not just me.


by Jason - 6 months ago

Teacher have no patience. If baby cry they will hide them in one corner and ignore them.


by jae - 7 months ago

person in charge is unresposible. What they guarantee to you have to record down. Because after two day you paid money and sign up they will tell you the person in charge last time don't know about this. So becareful when signing up.

Star Learners @ Bukit Batok

by Nurul - 7 months ago

An amazing place with amazing staff with so much heart and caring mindset. The teachers really make an effort to engage the kids and develop them to be not only competent in academics but also in every other expect such as the importance of social and emotional skills. The management is really committed to providing a safe, fun, and loving environment and we’re very thankful to the whole team at Starlearners BB especially Teacher Siti!


by Michelle - 8 months ago

Enrolled my child with MindChamps because the school and teachers are committed to helping the child learn enough so that they can transition well into Primary 1. At K1, my daughter knows how to write her name, A-Z, numbers, recognise chinese characters and all without having to attend weekend enrichment classes = more bonding and playtime for us on Sat and Sun. Values are important and the school emphasize that kids love, respect, care, share their toys etc... with each other. School fees are pricey but worth the money as my child is learning and growing up well. Mon-Fri, time well spent.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Deseree Wong - 2 days ago

Since 2019, I have engaged home therapy service from Healis. My daughter was diagnosed with ASD since 4 years old. She had center-based ABA therapy from 4-12 years old with a well known international ABA therapy center. My child had tremendous improvements with the 8 years intensive early intervention. However ABA therapy is very expensive. After leaving the center, I tried some self-claimed ABA therapists who charged a much cheaper rate but I was not satisfied with the therapy result. For those therapists whom can offer similar therapy result, they charge an even higher hourly rate than that famous ABA center. But Healis is very affordable and can offer comparable ABA therapy to my child. My child is 16 years old soon. I still can see improvement in her academic , behavior and daily life skill with Healis intervention, so I plan to continue their therapy with my child for as long as I can afford.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by C’era tamang - 5 days ago

I have been doing therapy in healis for a month my son has changed tremendously he was quiet reserved but now after the therapy he has improved he is more out of the shell he hasn’t verbalised yet but he is showing signs of improvement I’m thankful for the whole team and ESP Tiffany for changing my son ❤️

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Nithya Nagarajan - 6 days ago

The best part of the curriculum is the organising, the whole team is in touch with you to note down the progress of the child point by point. Activities by the therapist are loved my son and he always looks forward for the session. Highly recommended.

Winshire Education Centre

by Joel - 2 weeks ago

The teachers generate enthusiasm among the students and get them to participate discussion proactively.

Vienna Music School @Seletar Mall

by Felicia - 2 weeks ago

Female boss is very rude and disrespectful. Center has a strange smell too.

Cristofori Music School @ Downtown East

by sam - 2 weeks ago

Good teacher there and happy with the service so far!

Kumon @ Parkway Parade

by Shruthi Bhandary - 3 weeks ago

Very factory-like experience. The Centre Head is also rude and rather dismissive of kids as well as parents.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Di - 1 month ago

My Experience with Healis has been Excellent.yi zhuang understands needs of each kid and accordingly assign them therapists The Therapists are also very Nice.I am very grateful to them for their guidance and support.?

Young at Art @ Katong Plaza

by Anna - 1 month ago

Amazing teachers!! Great environment. Very personalized lessons. If you want to see your child improve in their reading this is the place to be.

Evo Learning Hub

by Zhen Yang - 1 month ago

My Science increase by English increase by 8 marks and my mah increase by 12 marks.

Wolfgang Violin Studio @Robertson Walk

by Anh Dang - 2 months ago

Wolfgang is transactional and money oriented. Student progress is disappointing.

Winshire Education Centre

by Ramithin - 2 months ago

Was thankful to have been a part of winshire a few years ago. Teachers were attentive and managed their classes well, and assignments helped to strengthen my foundation.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Lai Yee - 2 months ago

I have engaged Healis for more than a year to help my daughter who has mild autism and studying in mainstream school. Since the start of the therapy sessions, my daughter improves tremendously in terms of behaviour and coping with mainstream settings. The therapists are wonderful and very experience. Many times during the therapy session, my daughter would have major meltdown especially when she did not get what she wanted. Alone with my daughter in the room, the therapist was able to calm her down without giving in to her. Thereafter, they would definitely do a reflection on her behaviour asking if it was right or wrong. When things didn't go well in school, i would also feedback to the therapists. They would then prepare and use social stories to explain to my daughter, giving her guidance on what went wrong and the correct way to cope when similar situation happens again. The therapists also work very closely with the school teachers and AED exchanging feedbacks and giving updates to each other on her progression. Recently, we just did an assessment and I received the plan recommending what the therapists will be focusing on next. I am very satisfy and no regrets. I am depending on them to help my daughter for the long term and would definitely recommend Healis to those in need.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Edwin Quek - 2 months ago

I've engaged Healis with intentions to help my daughter attend and score better in school, and also work on other behavioral issues. However, Yi Zhuang did not just work with my daughter but also with the family members closely. She identified other factors and stressors at home that may have contributed to my daughter's academic difficulties or intensified the tension between me and my daughter. Yi Zhuang has changed the way I view my daughter and helped me step into her shoes. I realised that my daughter isn't a problem. I've also learnt how to communicate and work with my daughter to overcome any struggles together. My relationship with my daughter has never been this close if it's not for her help.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by S.K - 2 months ago

It is more than six years and I am extremely happy with therapists, their applied approach and systematic program based on individual child . I would strongly recommend Healis for your special ones.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by S.W - 2 months ago

My child is seeing results after just 1 month of therapy, happy to see that he is able to bond well with the therapists. The IEPs provided by the supervisor are customized to my child's developmental needs. Will recommend their services to any parents who needs help!

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Jade khoo - 2 months ago

Healis provides Regular reviews with the consultant which is important to check on child’s progress and if therapist is teaching on the right track.

Vienna Music School @Seletar Mall

by Jane - 3 months ago

Worst music school in the whole of Sengkang. Not to mention that they have a fat and bitchy female boss.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Sa - 3 months ago

Clients are given any therapist that is available rather than one that suits your child. The program that is planned is also catered to a generalised document and does not fit the child’s needs accurately.

Healis Autism Centre @ Sin Ming Lane

by Min - 3 months ago

Super unethical practices, especially during Covid lockdowns. Asking therapists to go ahead to peoples houses though it's against the law. Not all therapists are well trained.