Why ELFA is the best preschool for learning Chinese?

Many factors lead to a mastery of the Chinese language for our little ones at ELFA Chinese Preschool. First, ELFA has a strong emphasis on bilingualism which allows our children to adapt well in school and life. Secondly, ELFA offers an enriching environment for language immersion in Mandarin from as young as toddlers to kindergarteners. Lastly, Chinese serves as the language of course content delivery, including Mathematics.

Teachers in ELFA adopt a story-based approach that enables children to learn Mandarin and English in a fun way. The same themes are taught in both languages to ensure children gain full and complete knowledge of the topics and are capable of applying what they learn in real-life situations. Through interactive activities like dramas, games and puzzles, children discover new words or Chinese characters. ELFA’s approach has proven effective in the acquisition of the Chinese language for both Chinese and non-Chinese children.

As a test of the efficacy of ELFA’s programme, our Kindergarten 2 pupils participate in the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) Level 2 conducted by HSK every year. For the test in the year 2019, our pupils did exceptionally well. We attained 100% passes, with a good number of our pupils scoring full marks. An international standardised Chinese language test, YCT assesses the ability of non-native primary and secondary school students to apply Chinese language in their daily lives. In preparation for YCT, teachers dived extensively into the scope, allowing children to develop a strong foundation in the language.

A testimonial of ELFA’s efficacy is through the achievement of one of our Kindergarten 2 pupils in the test. When Lily (not her real name) first started school with ELFA, her command of the Chinese language was not as strong as her peers. Through constant exposure to the language and encouragement from her teachers, she experienced a breakthrough and passed her YCT Level 2 assessment. Knowing how far she had come gave her the confidence to achieve more in her primary school journey and beyond.

ELFA’s dedicated team of educators undergo yearly professional training from KLC International Institute to upskill and keep up with industry trends and latest best teaching practices. These training sessions enable our educators to offer tip-top services for the holistic development of our pupils. ELFA Chinese Preschool is committed to strive for a better outcome for our children in their learning journey.

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