Children's Diet and Nutrition

My son is a fussy eater. How to make sure that my son is eating healthy?

What the Expert Says

By Cyrus Yeong

Nutritionist at Nature’s Farm

Bachelor in Food Technology, University of Science, Malaysia

Nature’s Farm is a specialist health supplements, honey and health foods chain in Singapore since 1982.

Parents should not try to force their child to eat. If you think your child is not getting enough nutrients, your responsibility as a parent, is to offer a variety of nutritious foods, and to make mealtimes as enjoyable as possible.

Cut Foods into Fun Shapes

If your child is a finicky eater, try to make foods as appetising as possible. For young children, you can cut fruits and vegetables into fun shapes with a cookie cutter, or prepare them in the form of fruit and vegetable juices which can be more easily consumed.

Bring him for Grocery Shopping

To encourage your child’s interest in healthy eating, find ways to involve him or her when shopping for groceries. Allow them to pick out some fruits and vegetables that they enjoy. Chat about dinner ideas with your child and try to involve your little assistant in the kitchen during meal preparation. Spending time in the kitchen amid tantalising aromas and watching as their dinner gets prepared will definitely get your child excited about eating.

If despite your best efforts, your child still refuses his fruits and vegetables or other major food groups, you may consider giving him a multivitamin supplement specially formulated for kids. Most multivitamin supplements for children provide almost the whole recommended daily allowance of the essential vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc to support your child’s growth and development. And for your peace of mind.

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