Preschool Singapore Infographic

Preschool In Singapore

Singaporeans are spoiled for choice when it comes to Preschool education, with approximately 1,800 Preschool options, from full-day child care centres to kindergartens.


The Preschool Education Landscape Infographic is designed to provide a landscape perspective of Singapore Early Childhood Education which encompasses the following:


  • the difference between child care centres and kindergarten
  • number of infant care centres, child care centres and kindergarten
  • the statistical view of Singapore Preschool operators and education groups
  • top questions asked by parents when considering Preschool options in Singapore

Preschool Enrolment Statistics Singapore 2017

Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 May – 16
Total no. of child care centres 1,016 1,083 1,143 1,256 1,303
Total no. of child care centre places 92,779 101,597 109,694 123,327 130,366
Total Enrolment 75,530 73,852 83,928 95,414 98,937
Enrolment in full-day programme 65,826 65,650 75,518 86,898 90,509

Preschool Fees in Singapore For 2017

Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 May – 16
Average full-day fees $850 $923 $953 $999 $1,007
Median full-day fees $750 $830 $850 $900 $856

Key Statistics For Preschool Education in Singapore

  • More than 99% of incoming primary one students aged 6 years attend at least 1 year of Preschool  in Singapore (Source: LIEN Foundation)
  • As of July 2016, there are 1,303 child care centres and 495 Kindergartens in Singapore (Source: ECDA/MSF)
  • Jurong West high the highest number of enrolment followed by Sengkang (Source: ECDA)
  • Sengkang has 90 Child Care Centres, the highest among all the areas, followed by Jurong West and Woodlands with 82 Child Care Centres respectatively (Source: ECDA)
  • S$360 million provided in subsidies to 79,000 children in infant and child care (Source: ECDA)
  • By 2017, one in two children aged 18 months to 6 years will have a child care place (Source: ECDA)
  • The average fees of a full-day Child Care Programme is about $1,007 [May 2016] (Source: ECDA)

Different Types of Preschool Programmes In Singapore

Once you’ve decided to send your child to a preschool, a world of choice opens up to you! Singapore is home to a huge diversity of childcare centres, playgroups and kindergartens that suit a wide range of parent and child needs. 

Quality preschool will offer your child a stimulating, nurturing environment which should help prepare them for school and to reach his or her full potential.


Infant care
By and large, infant care services cater for infants from 2 months to 18 months. One of the things that new parents tend to stress over, is finding a trustworthy infant care centre for their precious bundle of joy.

Playgroups are exactly what they sound like – they consist of groups of children playing together, like a regular playdate. Less structured than childcare and preschool, playgroups are a good way of easing children into a foreign environment without their parents so they can work on their interaction and social skills before enrolling in preschool or kindergarten.

Though there are distinctions between them in other countries, childcare centres and preschools are pretty much the same thing in Singapore. They take in children from the ages of 18 months to 6 years, their programmes are longer than kindergartens’, the curriculum is usually split between work and play, and they often provide full meals and baths as well. Therefore, childcare is a great option for parents with full-time jobs and who have no guardian or babysitter during the day.

Kindergartens, on the other hand, offer shorter, structured curricula of about 3-4 hours per day, and take in older children (between 4-6 years old). Programmes are generally academia-focused, with the end goal of preparing children for the rigours of formal education.

Childcare Operators Programme

Anchor Operators (AOP)

According to ECDA, there are five childcare chains who receive government subsidies and offer discounted rates for children attending their child care and infant care programmes.

The anchor operators must provide affordable preschool places, with school fees capped at S$720 for a full-day childcare programme and S$160 for kindergartens.

  • NTUC First Campus’s My First Skool
  • PAP Community Foundation’s Sparkletots
  • Metropolitan YMCA’s MY World Preschool
  • CreStar’s Skool4kidz
  • EtonHouse’s E-bridge Pre-School

Partner Operators (POP)

There are 23 preschool partner operators which run 169 childcare centres and offer 16,500 places in total. Under the new partner operator (POP) scheme, participating centres have to cut fees – which must be capped at $800 a month (before GST) for full-day childcare.

Ace @ Work – 4 centres
Agape Little Uni – 8 centres
Alliance First – 7 centres
Bright Juniors Pte Ltd – 5 centres
Bright Kids – 4 centres
Busy Bees Singapore Pte Ltd – 3 centres
Carpe Diem Holdings – 16 centres
Faith Educare Centre – 4 centres
Ichiban Montessori – 7 centres
Just Kids – 8 centres
Learning Kidz – 5 centres
Kidz Meadow Childcare and Development Centre – 5 centres
Nurture Education Group – 11 centres
Perdaus – 3 centres
Persatuan Permudi Islam Singapura – 6 centres
Presbyterian Community Services – 11 centres
Safari House Preschool – 7 centres
Spring Brainy Kidz – 3 centres
Star Learners Child Care – 22 centres
Sunflower Childcare Group – 10 centres
The Little Skool-House International Pte Ltd – 6 centres
Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society – 4 centres
Young Women’s Christian Association of Singapore – 10 centres

Top Questions Asked When Looking at Preschools In Singapore

Selecting a Preschool that is a good fit for your child can be exciting as well as overwhelming. As a parent, you want to be confident that you chose the best fit for your child, but how do you make the best choice? Here are some specific questions that parents would usually ask.

  • What is the teacher student ratio? Any assistant teacher? What is the maximum class size?
  • What are the operating hours?
  • What is a typical day like?
  • What is the fee structure?
  • How do you give progress report/updates to parents?
  • How frequent is the parent teacher meet up?
  • How long has the school been established?
  • How long have the class teacher been with the school?
  • What is the policy on running nose, cough?
  • What is the policy on biting/scratching/hitting?
  • Is it academic structured or play structured?What play structured is it based on?
  • What type of enrichment classes are offered?
  • Any outdoor activities/excursions?How often?
  • What values do you instil in the children?
  • How do you discovered special interest and talent of the child?
  • What is the meal plan like? Are meals and snacks provided?
  • Is potty training required?

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